Sunday, November 27, 2011

Facebook Status

I just posted this as my Facebook status and realized that, while shouting in from the Facebook rooftops is lovely, this is better shared here:

I swear that the tatting community (not tattoos, LOL) is the best community in the world filled with the most caring, generous people!  They are all so wonderful!  As if creating pretty things isn't rewarding enough, being part of such an awesome community is certainly well worth the hours and hours of frustration endured in learning and untangling threads! :-)  Surely, there is no better community in the whole of the universe and beyond!
Thank you all for the inspiration both in tatting and otherwise.  You are all amazing and I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel that I was lucky enough to find my way to the world of tatting.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

Love to all,
Stephanie Grace

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flippin' Out!

I did it! I did it!  I finally got the 'flip' down!

See that?  Those sloppy rings and chains that got tighter as I went along?  They're done with a shuttle!  FINALLY!  :-D  I was ecstatic yesterday after I'd done a bunch of stitches so, first thing today, I picked up the shuttle once again.  There are other little rings I made, but I think you get the point, LOL.  I'm getting there!  I think the "BOYE" shuttle I used may be a bit too big for me or something, but I couldn't find my other one, so I just went for it.  :-)  The pink thread seems to be a bit dry-rotted from being in storage too long at my A.C. Mom, but it worked well enough for me to start getting the hang of it.  Of course, now I'm itching to buy a different shuttle to try, but I don't think Hubby will go for that since I just put in an order a few weeks ago with Handy Hands, went to Bingo tonight, and still have to order turtle food. :-/  Oh well, I'll work with what I have and then, if I find a shuttle I'm more comfortable with, it should seem like a breeze, right?  

I am absolutely THRILLED that I finally managed to get the flip down.  I could never figure out what I was doing wrong and, well, not sure if it means much to anyone, but I think the wrapping around the pinky finger kept getting skipped.  When I read that little detail again, I got the flip right away. LOL.  Oops...  

I've tatted more things than just this (with needle, of course) and even worked out two-color split rings which I'd never tried before.  

WARNING: Stephanie Grace is getting brave. 
We should all be vewy, vewy afwaid and proceed with caution from this moment forward. LOL

Love and Happy Tatting to All,
Stephanie Grace

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scan-happy... :-)

I got new ink today! Yay!  (It's the off-market stuff... I used points from Swagbucks and got a Amazon card, so I figured I"d take my chances on this since it was only going to cost me a dollar for 6 cartridges).  Anywho, this means I can scan again!!!  It also kind of made me realize that I didn't have much to scan... :-/

Monday, my beloved UPS man showed up with new threads and new books from Handy Hands!  Oh, how I love that man -always brings me packages and doesn't nag or expect dinner!  Perfect! :-)  One of the books is Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns by Rozella Linden. 

I tried my luck with the Celtic Cross Bookmark:

I think I should have gone with my original plan for black on the outer round, but I'm happy to just have completed it!  :-)  It scared me, LOL.  The first round is a ring of split rings that starts with a regular ring and then cut and tie.  There's a note, however that says advanced tatters could just do a split ring there too... So I did!  Don't I realize that I'm not advanced?  LOL.  I think I made the picots too big --and the space after closing that initial SR was definitely funky, but it was my first time, so I'm not bothered. ;-)  On my cross, you might also notice that little diamond-shape in the center in the first photo... yeah... that's supposed to be round.  Ooops... *blushes*

Then I decided to do a scan of the full bracelet since my photograph was blurry:

And, finally, a bookmark.  "Wave" by Sandy Scales from Tatted Bookmarks edited by Barbara Foster, done it LizBeth's Country Side in size 20. :-)

I also tatted a snowflake but, by golly that thing is fiddly!  I need to learn to make bigger picots once in a while!  It's definitely not suitable for viewing without being blocked!!!

Well, hope all is well with you and yours!  

Love to all,
Stephanie Grace

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frustration, Crankiness, and a dash of smile.

I finish Round One of Mary Konoir's Small Cross, but just couldn't wrap my head around how to tackle Round Two.  I tried and failed three times then walked away. 

I started tatting a snowflake.  I left too much space between rings on Round One, but kept going... Then made a wrong join in Round Two and didn't notice it until I was well past the untat-and-still-be-semi-sane point, so I cut off Round Two and will go tackle Round Two another day...

Then, I decided to try out an edging that I think would make a lovely choker... Well, either I did something wrong or the directions were wrong --I swear I read everything three times before doing anything!  >.<

At that point, I figured today just wasn't a good day for tatting in my world.  I logged onto Facebook and saw that a friend of mine is feeling sick and cranky, so I commanded her to feel better and then looked at my beads.  Figuring that I've become so good at chain-after-chain, I thought a simple R3-3-3 C6 pattern with some nice oil-stain-colored beads (I love oil-stain colors!).  I started...  I got to the last ring and realized, UH OH!  I didn't think about doing it in one pass...  I didn't change it enough to do that!  I finished it off, did the final chain and stared at it while realizing that I'd just put myself in the same situation I was in hours prior with the small cross pattern...  :-/  
I got it!  Somehow, my brain figured out what to do and I even gained the confidence I needed to possibly tackle the cross again (tomorrow ... maybe).

Still feeling like I wanted to do something, but not wanting to make a big project of anything, I decided to just play and try something with the little glass disc beads I bought recently...
It's pretty close to actual size in that photo (I cannot wait for my ink to arrive so I can scan again!).  LizBeth 20 in black and just me playing around, LOL.  It definitely needs work and is nothing like what I had in my head,  but at least it's something, right?  And I even finished it, even after realizing that it wasn't going to be "right"...  Watch out; I'm gettin' brave! LOL. 

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!  

Love to all,
Stephanie Grace

Saturday, November 12, 2011

When Did That Happen?

Can someone tell me when the internet got so boring?  Seriously... I check my Facebook, look at my e-mails, read the blogs and then... I'm just staring at the screen waiting for something to entertain me. *sigh*  I think it's definitely that I'm just not trying hard enough to MAKE it entertaining. Maybe?

Anywho, all of that boredom led me to realize that, while I'd posted this on my Facebook page, I never posted it here!

You look silly tilting your head like that, ya know... ;-)  The battery is a AA that was on my desk, so I put it in for size comparison. LOL.  

Pattern: Rose Ornament
Book: Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns, Monica Hahn
Thread: LizBeth 20, Victorian Red and Christmas Green

Yup.. I got a bit hooked on chain after chain once I figured it out. :-)  (Just join with the needle thread, duhhhh).  I made another ornament but I didn't take a picture (scanner doesn't work when you're out of black ink apparently.. Grrr).  Either way, yay!    I've tackled another pattern that scared me!  :-)  I am so proud! ROFL. 

I didn't do a large picot for hanging, but maybe next time...  This one will just have to deal with ribbon or a wire hanger (I'm thinking I might weave some ribbon in and out of the green outer row.  I just need thinner ribbon...).

Hope you're all doing well!  

With love,
Stephanie Grace

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two days in a row... Whoa!!!

I'm going to mark today as fairly productive!  Yay!!!  :-)  Sure, no tea, but there was tatting!  (I was too busy tatting to get up and make myself tea, LOL.). 

So, what did I make?

WARNING: These pictures are blurry and from my phone.  I'll take better ones later in the week. ;-)

Three little crosses and one little flower.  Both patterns are from Tatting Jewellery by Lyn Morton.  The crosses measure 1 1/2".  :-)  They are done in LizBeth Size 20 in Ecru, Boysenberry Dark, and Victorian Red.  The pearly beads are some pretty little shiny things I picked up at a Yard Sale. ;-)  The flower is also in LizBeth 20, in Dust Rose Lt...  I made it to decorate a card. ;-)

Closer look at the Ecru Cross (My favorite):
I did the huge picot to make an ornament... Aren't you proud?  ;-)

Then, I went with the same Christmas Tree I've tatted twice before (which was done in the same exact thread and ended up completely different sizes!  But, that's another story... LOL).
Again, huge picot at the top (and this one is REALLY huge, LOL).  Bead is a yellow glass bead that's circular, but semi-flat... I liked it. :-P  Done in LizBeth 638, Christmas Green.  Pattern is from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn.

And, finally, (well, actually this was started yesterday and the first thing I did when I woke up, LOL) another bracelet!!!
The pattern is "Design 14" from Tatting by Christel Weidmann.  The thread is LizBeth, size 20, Boysenberry Dk.... Which I regret because I really like this bracelet and which I'd done it in a color I like too...  :-/  There shall be more!  ;-)  The bead is Tibetan silver and the the closure is two nickel plated hooks and eyes (from same aforementioned yard sale, actually...).  I chose to cross the picots into X's which led me to calling this the 'Stitches Bracelet' as I tatted it.  I can't believe what I drew on my napkin actually worked! LOL.  I figured I'd mess that up COMPLETELY.... but I didn't.... Again, aren't you proud?

So, do we see anything that all of these have in common???  

They all have chain after chain!  I squashed that little devil in my head that was telling me I couldn't do chain after chain!!!  

Once again, aren't you proud?  LOL.  I am. 

Well, happy tatting to all and to all a good night!  :-*

Love to all,
Stephanie Grace

Monday, October 31, 2011

Being a Good Girl ...and Name Change?

I decided to be a good girl and do a post!  :-)  I figured that, since I mentioned the blanket/bed cover, I should share a picture...
That was a few weeks ago... I'm nearly finished with the second row (I've been thinking in blocks of nine... 35 blocks sounds a lot less daunting than 315 motifs...).  Of course, I got bored.  I think mainly because of stopping to hide ends. *rolls eyes*  the pile of 'stuff' in the background are our comforters (we don't share... we're both cover-hogs).  I needed them out of my way and I was hoping they'd dull down the light a bit...  

Anyway, here's a closer picture of the motifs:
I'm using Caron Simply Soft yarn in Soft Blue and Grey Heather and, of course, one of my Rosewood tatting needles from Lacis!  :-D  The pattern is "Rosebud Refreshment Set" from The Tatter's Treasure Chest Edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep.  Yup, you might see coasters, I saw a blanket. LOL. (It was actually my second choice of pattern... the first didn't work with the yarns I bought so I ended up using the colors I'd bought for a scarf for myself... Grr...  No scarf for me, it seems. LOL.). 

Now, the name change thing... I'm probably going to change the name of this blog to 'Sapphire & Grace' as that's the name of my Facebook page.  :-)  They should match, right?  Just lettin' you gals and guys(?) know now.  :-)  

Well, I'm working on a bracelet that I want to see finished (I love it in y head, LOL).  Happy tatting to all an to all a good night! ;-)

With love,
Stephanie Grace

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still here.... :-)

I am still here ... and still tatting!  I stopped with the crosses at like 22 or something and went onto other things --I just couldn't handle the redundancy anymore, I guess... :-/

Anywho, I promise a real post soon, but I wanted to post this link so I don't lost it...  Has anyone tried this???  I would LOVE to know how this works with tatting! LOL.  :-)

BTW, I'm working with my rosewood tatting needles!!!  :-)  Trying out a blanket for Hubby --He says blanket, I say decorative afghan.  I know that it'll get destroyed when he uses it and won't be very warm, but if he keeps him from complaining about me tatting too much, I'm willing to give it a go! LOL.  ;-)

Love to all and Happy Tatting!!!

-Stephanie Grace
P.S. Don't think my lack of posting is lack of reading; I'm much better at staying up-to-date with YOUR blogs than I am my own! *blushes*

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remembering the Bracelet Pattern....

I found the pattern from which I created my first bracelet!!!  (The red and black one):

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ohh... New Round; First 4 motifs of 25! :-)

Yup, still around --and still tatting!  :-D  For my second round of the 25 Motif Challenge, I decided to go with 25 Heritage Crosses by Dee Powell from Tatted Bookmarks Needle and Shuttle edited by Barbara Foster.

I really love this pattern.  I think it's probably because it's a steady 5-count all the way through... everything is either 5-5 or 5+5 and, well, for a person with a "numbers quirk" like me, that well-rounded 5 makes it a happy pattern! LOL.  ;-)

The final two rings and chains continue to trip me up a bit, but I've been working right through that... (Well, except for the last one that's still waiting to be completed...).  

I've made 7 so far and set a goal for all 25 to be done by the end of July.  Should be easy, right? *rolls eyes*

Left: Motif #2.  Lizbeth 651, Size 20.
Right: Motif #1, LizBeth Gold, Size 20.
Left: Motif #3.  Lizbeth Seashells, Size 20.
Right: Motif #4.  Lizbeth Peacock Blues, Size 20.

And, here is #4 with some added decor!  :-)
She'll be heading out to Hawaii in the coming days!  I really hope it holds up and doesn't fall apart...  *worries*

Well, I hope that all is well with everyone... Hubby busted a blood vessel in his eye, so I've been living with a man that looks like something for a horror movie!!!  No really....
Lovely, right? 

Happy tatting and love to you all! :-*

-Stephanie Grace

Friday, June 24, 2011

Motif #25/25! I did it! :-D

Definitely planning on starting up a new 25 Motif Challenge but I want it to be more focused (all crosses, maybe?)...  Anywho, here's today's tatting.

This is one motif from the "Wild Rose Tray Mat/ Luncheon Set" on pp. 55-56 of The Tatter's Treasure Chest edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep.  It's done (predictably) in Lizbeth size 20.  The center is color 644, Boysenberry Dk; the outer round is 131, Vineyard Harvest.  I was happy for a while that it had a pretty uniform look, then the last two went completely off of that *rolls eyes* (Look at the chains that connect to the middle... left side.).  It measures 5" unblocked.

I'd been looking at this pattern and had a bookmark in it since I got the book, but I don't really like the look of the motifs attached... I wanted to see how just one would look... Ya know, pretty decoration or glass mat.  ;-)  I think this would also make a lovely snowflake!  I'm already thinking about grabbing some white thread and pearly beads and seeing where it leads me. :-)  

Sooo... tomorrow (if not tonight), I'll start working on my next 25 ...just need to think of what to do...  

Thank you all so much for reading! :-*  Love, hugs, and happy tatting to you all!  

-Stephanie Grace

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Motifs 23 & 24 /25

Ya know, I started a "large" project and decided not to count the motifs of that toward my count... Now, I'm wishing I had!  I'd be at 25! LOL.  But, methinks that project will end up taking forever and possible being 25 motifs all on its own!

First, I want to thank everyone for their comments and support!  I'm horrible with actually remembering to respond to e-mail which is horrible, I know... but I read every one!  *blushes*  On top of that, I opted to take a day away from the computer yesterday --which I enjoyed much more than I'd ever imagined I could! :-)

I remembered what I forgot in the last post: 
It's another "Heritage Cross" by Dee Powell from Tatted Bookmarks Needle and Shuttle edited by Barbara Foster.  This one is done in Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 131, Vineyard Harvest.  It's been sitting around for a bit (balled up at some points), so it drastically needs to be pinned, but I wanted to share it. LOL.   I'm leaving it without a tassel for now just in case it gets used in a different way...

I went on a little spree of finishing things that I'd left with only a ring or chain to go and then started hiding ends.  (Facing fears is a good thing, right?).  In the process, I found myself hiding the ends of this doily...  Guess what happened next...

I decided to revisit the pattern!  :-)  It's "Small Round #11" by Kenna Prior from Ultimate Book of Tatted Doilies.  It's tatted in Lizbeth Size 20, Color 157. Raspberry Frappe.  I was pleasantly surprised that the actually thread gives off a more pink appearance than purple.  It didn't scan very well --and I had to put paper behind it.  I definitely need to adjust something on my scanner.  Blah.  

I really can't believe I'm actually hiding ends! LOL.  I'm pretty sure everything will fall apart rather easily, but at least I'm finishing, right?  LOL.  

I had something else to say and it's gone now... I hate when that happens!  *rolls eyes*

Hope all is well with you and yours!  :-*

-Stephanie Grace

Oh! I remember!  I was surprised to see the similar size of today's doily and the older one.  There's very little difference even though that one was DMC Cebelia size 30 --which going with my theory that there's not much difference in size between that and Lizbeth 20...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peacock Blues meet Starry Night? Hmm... (Motifs 21&22 /25)

As soon as I opened up the window to create a new post, my brain automatically started screaming that I have more to post than what I'm about to, but I can't think of what it is... Oh well.  I'm sure it'll come to me later... (Maybe. LOL). 

So, here's the long, boring story:  I wore the red and black bracelet that I made on Sunday (and it held up!!!).  My cousin saw it and asked me to make one for her.  I had some tatting stuff with me so, while I didn't plan to make a whole bracelet sitting in the middle of a park, I figured I'd just show her how it's done.  Of course, I go to show her off the ball and the thread knots.  So, I cut it and decided I'd just make up a quick ring to show off, LOL. Well, we left before I finished, but I came home, finished half of that ring and decided I wanted to make another one.  (Oh!  It's the Remembrance Ring from... Yarnplayer?  I'll check in a bit).  

So, I did...  It's done in Lizbeth Size 20, Color 149, Peacock Blues with two colors of size 11 Czech glass seed beads and one li'l Hematite star (I love hematite!).  I went with the nine ring that the pattern suggestions ...definitely much too big for my hands...  :-/

Yesterday, I sat down and started tatting with the same thread, the same beads (plus one somewhat larger hematite star) and went with the same stitch count... This is what happened:

A bracelet for Kathy!  :-)  It measures 7 1/2" with Lobster claw clasp included in that.  Scans don't show the beauty of hematite, so I had to whip out my phone and take more pictures...  I still need to hide the ends, but it's done! :-D  

Well, hope all is well in your neck of the woods!  

-Stephanie Grace

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flowers and Flowers and stuffs... Oh My! (Motifs #19&20/25)

So, I just might be the most redundant tatter in all the land... That whole "getting stuck on a pattern" thing got a bit extreme last week.  Well... for a few days. 

See, I was talking to friends and trying to get them to start tatting.  To show them how easy it is, I posted TotusMel's wonderful video on my Facebook page for them.  I watched the video and... BAM!  I start wondering if I can even remember how to tat off the ball.  I've gotten so used to a cut thread AND a ball that, between her video and the lady at the bead sale a few weeks back, I was scared that I might not be able to do it anymore...  Naturally, I grabbed a ball and needle and had it... again... and again... and, well... By flower four or five I'd decided to challenge myself to get 25 flowers done by the end of the week... It didn't take early that long, of course, but I did it!  25 flowers! :-D  All were tatting with LizBeth size 20, different colors and --and different tensions as became very apparent quite quickly.

Two got added to a bookmark for a friend:

 My first time adding a chain, etc...  It actually looks complete!  Did I actually finish something?  Hmmm...

And then there were the others... 

I don't have scans of all 25 and, well, some ended up in a framed present for my mom for her birthday so I used them before I even got the chance.  

End result:  Why, yes, I can -somewhat- still tat off the ball.  I went back and forth between off the ball and my usual way, but I'm still truckin' with the off the ball and going back and forth.  I think it's good for me to continue to do both since some patterns might tat better with one method and another pattern might come out best with the other... Does that make any sense to anyone but me? LOL

Lastly... The two motifs...  

I did a random flower and then decided to add more to it... I'm not completely happy with it, mainly because I should have given more thought to it being added to a necklace BEFORE I finished it, but it's my first go at a pendant-type-thing --and without a pattern at all, so.. yeah... live and learn, trial and error, right?  Tatted in LizBeth, Size 20, Victorian Red.

The final motif is being subbed the "Obnoxious Summertime Bracelet".  No, not because it was a bother to tat or because I had any trouble with tatting it, but just because of the colors, LOL.  I'm not a "bright color" kinda gal...  It's made up of LizBeth size 20 in Juicy Watermelon and Lime Green. 

Well, this is a very long post... Oops.  

Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers.  It's nice to know that I'm not alone and that there are more prayers going to my family than I could ever manage alone.  THANK YOU!  They're so appreciated --and needed! :-*  Happy, Love, and Prayers to you all!

-Stephanie Grace

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I try to keep this blog purely about tatting, but I wanted to add a quick note from the personal side:  My sister-in-law passed away on Saturday, May 14th.  Please send some prayers to my brother, their children, and our families.  Thank you!  :-*

-Stephanie Grace
P.S. I HAVE been tatting, but I'll save that for a later post...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bracelet (Motif #18/25)

A few months ago, there was an edging pattern or something that I wanted to try as a bracelet.  I started it, got maybe six rings in and stopped.  Those rings, no longer connected to a ball of thread or anything have been on an end table taunting me... So, I cut some new thread, grabbed a ball of thread and decided it was time to try it again.  I decided to do the starting ring and chain differently and will have to add a few more stitches to the first chain if I do this again, but it's DONE!  

 It's tatted in LizBeth Victorian Red and Black, both size 20.

 As an added touch, it's also got some pearly white size 11 glass seed beads. :-)

 I went with a lobster claw clasp and just a tatted ring for the closure for the bracelet.  (The tattoo is the Virgo symbol, LOL... I needed my right hand to put the bracelet on, so it had to go on my left wrist which meant the tattoo creeping into the picture... LOL).  

 And, finally, there's the bracelet with my tatting buddy --EEYORE!  :-D  He's a little mini-purse so there's a knitted, stuffed ball inside the zipper (I could never stab a stuffed Eeyore!) which holds my needle while I pull thread --much better than the days when I'd just stab the needle into my couch! LOL.  As an added note:  There's also some sand in him from the shore since he wasn't heavy enough to stay put in the breeze when I went to the beach last year, LOL... For some reason, I've let him keep the weight. :-)

Well, now all that's left is figuring out that whole hiding threads issue... *rolls eyes*

Oh!  An e-mail conversation led me to a question to ask:  Has anyone tried singing (as in singe... nothing with vocal chords, LOL) the ends or knots in tatting?  I saw a contraption at a bead sale and it made me wonder... It also made me wish I'd had one when my shoelaces frayed and I loved my laces! LOL. 

So, hugs to you all!  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

-Stephanie Grace

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary! (Motif #17/25)

Okay, so maybe it's no one's anniversary [that I know of], but that doesn't make this post any less happy!  :-P  

The set-up:  Me, returning home, well after 11pm last night.  Tired.  Feeling blah.  Hubby goes to bed.  Of course, I need some unwind time and I'd start tatting earlier in the day, so why not finish what I started before bed, right?

Yup.. Anniversary Motif from page 80 of Mary Konoir's Tatting with Visual Patterns.

Honestly, this thing terrified me ...or maybe it was just the chain after chain thing that I was afraid of... Either way, after tatting, un-tatting, and tatting the last chain about ten times, I finally got it done!  It's not perfect, but I really don't care. LOL.  If you haven't noticed, the mission is to just show myself that I'm capable.  We can work on that perfection thing later ...right?

I want to try this pattern again.  I think it would make a wonderful element to frame a picture and many other things.  :-)  this also gave me a better idea of how the pattern would look in two colors.  From the given picture in the book, I really wasn't sure how I'd like it without it being solid, but I think I do! :-D

Ohh!  It's done using LizBeth size 20 in #127 (Butterfly Breeze --which I surprisingly bought at a bead sale last week --I never liked this thread in the catalog!) and #614 (Lemon Lt.). 

What d'ya think?  I'm gettin' there, right?  (Wherever "there" is...) ;-)


-Stephanie Grace

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sea Horse (Motif 16/25)

Last night, I started tatting a motif that has scared me for months.  It just looked like something that would be far beyond my tatting capabilities.  I, however, am me.  Bowing down like that wouldn't exactly fit with my beliefs and life. ;-)  I ended up distracted and messed up ear the end, but that's okay since I didn't think I had enough thread cut to do it anyway.  :-D  It made me realize that even though a pattern may seem scary, I'll never learn if I hide from it (or hide it from me...).  The pattern, as it turns out, is quite simple!  I'll definitely be giving it another go ...or two ...or three. 

Anywho, with my new found bravery ;-)  I decided today to tackle a pattern that, though it looked pretty simple, I was sure I'd mess up.  It didn't come out perfectly (I hate the way the long part sticking out of the muzzle (Hmmm... is it called that when it's a seahorse?) but I finished anyway.  A few months ago, that would have made me stop and cut my thread losses.).  

The pattern is written by Debbie Arnold.  I did it in Lizbeth silver and gold (my favorite fashion faux pas! LOL), size 20.  As always, it still has it's threads hanging on and it's not blocked.  I really must get the ....bravery to do that. LOL.  I just know that I'll mess things up if I start trying to hide ends and block them... One day...

Okay, I'm off to... Tat some more?  Maybe.  :-D

Hope all is well with you and yours!  (((Hugs)))

-Stephanie Grace

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Candle Bookmark (Motif #15/25)

My sister told me she wanted a bookmark.  She chose "Candle" by Dee Powell from "Tatted Bookmarks Needle & Shuttle" edited by Barbara Foster.  For thread, she picked Country Side (117) and the corresponding Blue Med (651), bot LizBeth size 20. 

It needs some serious blocking, LOL.  It's been done for days... not sure why I didn't post it before now. 

So, my notes on this bookmark:

-This isn't my least favorite pattern from the book, but I did scrunch my nose at it... It just doesn't appeal to me.
-It tats up easily enough.  This is also the first time I've managed to be successful with chain after chain --something that just seems like it would be so much easier with shuttle.
-At least the pretty colors made me like it a little bit more! LOL.

Well, hope all it tatting up well for all of you out their in TatLand! :-*

-Stephanie Grace

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Cross. (Motif #14/25)

Made for a friend.  Same pattern as before but, this time, in LizBeth Lemon Lt and LizBeth Leafy Greens, both Size 20. 

I've got dishes to do, but I wanted to post this before I started that evil chore... LOL. 

Oh!  I also set up a board so I can get some blocking done tonight.  Anyone have any tips before I mess up everything I've created thus far? LOL. 

-Stephanie Grace

Monday, April 4, 2011

More bookmarks! :-) (Motifs 12&13 / 25).

Yup... I fell off the face of the earth again... I really should stop doing that, but I just seem to get distracted and then I end up busy, busy, busy.  I kind of have a job now, but it's unpredictable so that's taking up some time too.  I'm thinking that I MUST master the shuttle so that I can actually take tatting along with me when I go anywhere...

Anywho, I went to scan the cross that I tatted today and I found this on my scanner! LOL.  It was a nice surprise.... Apparently, I scanned it on March 8th and never posted it --and forgot all about it.  Oops.  Well, at least I can now say that March wasn't a complete waste! ;-)

It's "Beginner's Choice" (page 23) from Tatted Bookmarks Needle & Shuttle edited by Barbara Foster done it LizBeth Country Side (117) and Blue Med (651).  Yup... that's right, I ordered the right thread to match Country Side... and they DO match! LOL.  

 Now, today's cross that led to my discovery, LOL... 
Pattern: "Heritage Cross" by Dee Powell
Book: Tatted Bookmarks Needle and Shuttle edited by Barbara Foster
Thread: LizBeth, Gold (611), Size 20.
It needs to be blocked, definitely... and I'm still debating about the tassel that's supposed to go at the top... But, it's done... and I didn't mess it up! LOL. 

Well, I hope all is well with everyone.  I plan to have more to show soon.  :-)  I've missed tatting SO much!!!!

With Love, 
Stephanie Grace

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Moment To Share.

Well, no tatting to show, but I had a moment today that I want to share with you.  I decided that today's project would be the Adrienne Glass Mat.  I grabbed some Blue and Gold from Lady Dusty Rose's Etsy shop and started.  

Not very long into the second round, I stopped and just looked at what was in my hand.  Even with the ends and strings all handing from it, I though, That's beautiful.  In that moment, not only could I not believe that I was creating something that beautiful, but it made me realize why I started tatting in the first place, why I wanted to start, and why I love it so much.  

I wonder how often tatters feel that way.  We all gripe and complain and get frustrated by knotty threads and twisted picots, but how many times do YOU just look and think that, for sure, someone else must've made what you're holding because it's just so beautiful?

The one year anniversary of when I began tatting is approaching.  This moment couldn't have come at a better time; I can't believe how far I've come in just one year!

Love to all,
Stephanie Grace

Friday, February 25, 2011

Yup, Still Goin' Strong... (Motif #11/25)

Since discovering the mismatch of the turquoise thread with Countryside, I've been baffled as to what to do with the turquoise thread (Other than matching it with the gold which still screams Bollywood to me when paired...).  It's not a bad color or anything, just... not "me".  I just can't seem to pair it with anything --neither threadwise nor patternwise.  I know I will eventually.  I tried it with LizBeth's silver today...
I was maybe five rings in when I realized that I didn't like it, but had to finish because there's always someone who will, right?

Then, I decided to tackle the glass mat in the Winter 2011 Handy Hands Newsletter since I've been wanting to do it.  I had no clue what color to use, though, so I decided to start with the leftover turquoise from the bookmark... Guess what happened next...
Yup... I got distracted and wanted to know what just to centers would look like together... Now, I just have to decide what I'll do with this next... I thought that, maybe, I'll use the silver thread and just do from split rings and Victorian sets on either side for a chain to make a necklace or bracelet, but I'm not sure yet ...and I'm still toying with the idea of just plain adding more of the center motif to make something else... So many choices!!!

Love to you all,
Stephanie Grace

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Twist On Redundancy! (Motifs #9 and 10 /25)

So, of course, I'm still stuck on these simple bookmarks.  I like them, though! :-P  Well, today I decided to try it in LizBeth #156, Juicy Watermelon since I hadn't even touched the thread yet.  Well, there was something I didn't like (I don't remember what), so I decided to add a button.  I thought it would sit nicely at the top of the book (as long as I add a dot of glue for added security)... Then... I thought about something ...The button fits into the opposite end of the bookmark!  Voila! 'Tis a summery bracelet for some vibrant little girl!  Maybe tomorrow I'll add a few more rings and chains and see if I can't make one of these for myself --or maybe an adult with normal-sized wrists? LOL.

I didn't stop there, though... Saw the plastic bobbin full o' Fairy Dance from LadyDustyRoses's Shop and couldn't resist...

Normally, I don't like using variegated as both needle and ball thread, but I went outside of my little box today and, ya know what?  It didn't end up as badly as I expected! 

-Stephanie Grace

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Redundancy? (Motifs #7 and 8/25)

Anyone remember me saying I get on a pattern and just keep doing it over and over again?  Well, it still rings true! LOL.  Another bookmark...  This time done in LizBeth Black and LizBeth #626; Shell Pink Lt. (The one that doesn't match Seashells... LOL).

What's that you say? Where's the usual rambling?  Okay, okay... I'll try to appease you... ;-)

When I first started tatting and hunting down patterns on the internet (last year, LOL!), one of the firsts that I couldn't resist trying was "Rememberance" Ring by the amazingly talented Yarnplayer.  Well, of course I tried it... and tried ...and tried it.  Somehow, I always messed up or only did the first half and gave up...  Not today!!!  I had some of that Shell Pink Lt. still on my needle, so I gave it a go...
I did it! I did it!  Sure, it's not the neatest work in the world, but I got it done!!!  :-D  I'm thrilled!  I can't wait to do it again ...and again ...and again. LOL. 

-Stephanie Grace

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

...Again? (Motif #6/25)

Since I started tatting, I've eyed up LizBeth Color #117, Country Side.  When I made my last order for threads, I got it.  :-)  Of course, I also ordered the matching solid blue...  

Needless to say, I am NOT happy with the "matching."  Well, while typing this message, I looked up the threads for the numbers.  I ordered the wrong solid!!!  :-(  I ordered 661 instead of 651.  That explains it this time, though I'm still angry about the Seashells fiasco. LOL. 

Oh well... At least I finished the bookmark, right?

Hope you are all doing well!  

-Stephanie Grace