Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frustration, Crankiness, and a dash of smile.

I finish Round One of Mary Konoir's Small Cross, but just couldn't wrap my head around how to tackle Round Two.  I tried and failed three times then walked away. 

I started tatting a snowflake.  I left too much space between rings on Round One, but kept going... Then made a wrong join in Round Two and didn't notice it until I was well past the untat-and-still-be-semi-sane point, so I cut off Round Two and will go tackle Round Two another day...

Then, I decided to try out an edging that I think would make a lovely choker... Well, either I did something wrong or the directions were wrong --I swear I read everything three times before doing anything!  >.<

At that point, I figured today just wasn't a good day for tatting in my world.  I logged onto Facebook and saw that a friend of mine is feeling sick and cranky, so I commanded her to feel better and then looked at my beads.  Figuring that I've become so good at chain-after-chain, I thought a simple R3-3-3 C6 pattern with some nice oil-stain-colored beads (I love oil-stain colors!).  I started...  I got to the last ring and realized, UH OH!  I didn't think about doing it in one pass...  I didn't change it enough to do that!  I finished it off, did the final chain and stared at it while realizing that I'd just put myself in the same situation I was in hours prior with the small cross pattern...  :-/  
I got it!  Somehow, my brain figured out what to do and I even gained the confidence I needed to possibly tackle the cross again (tomorrow ... maybe).

Still feeling like I wanted to do something, but not wanting to make a big project of anything, I decided to just play and try something with the little glass disc beads I bought recently...
It's pretty close to actual size in that photo (I cannot wait for my ink to arrive so I can scan again!).  LizBeth 20 in black and just me playing around, LOL.  It definitely needs work and is nothing like what I had in my head,  but at least it's something, right?  And I even finished it, even after realizing that it wasn't going to be "right"...  Watch out; I'm gettin' brave! LOL. 

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!  

Love to all,
Stephanie Grace


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