Thursday, December 30, 2010

A question for lacemakers....

A friend of mine has a beautiful wedding gown from her marriage nearly 49 years ago!  Unfortunately, a mouse got into the storage bag at some point.  Since I know that some of you out there are absolutely lace geniuses, I was wondering if any of you could tell me if there's any chance of repairing it in any way --or if you know where she could turn to have it repaired.

Please, let me know if you can help at all!  THANK YOU!!!  

(If you need any further details, please, just ask and I'll be happy to ask her.  Thank you!!!)

Love, Hugs, and a Million Thanks,
Stephanie Grace

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad Mojo?

I gave the heart another go today... Cut off six yards of Twilight HDT, grabbed a ball of black and a needle and went for it... 
Yup... you got it!  It did it to me AGAIN!  I spent around half of an hour trying to get out a knot with a size 14 crochet hook and sheer determination and... SNAP!  *cries*  I just needed to close that ring, do a chain, one more ring, on more chain and it would've been done!  I was... 24 ds away from completion.  

After that, I decided I'd just make a simple all-rings flower with what was left of the cut thread... Second ring and, BAM! Knot.  Tried and tried and tried and... Snap.  

I think the thread hates me!  I wonder if maybe I'm creating some kind of bad mojo when I pick it up because my thoughts go to "Twilight" the movie and I instantly want to roll my eyes.  Horrible trash in my opinion...  

The Twilight Karma Gods are definitely out to get me via that wonderful thread...  So sad... *pouts*

To make up for this (and a whole lot more), I was able to click "order" on my Amazon cart tonight... and did the one-month trial of Prime for the free two day shipping... FOUR new tatting books are heading my way! *squeals*  One includes a DVD so that, hopefully, I'll finally be able to get the shuttles to cooperate with me so I can do needle or shuttle depending on the pattern.  :-D  ...and some new tatting needles, of course!  (I'm starting to learn that I'm just as hard on them as I am on cell phones...).  

Hopefully, everything will go as planned and everything will be here on Friday.  ...If that happens, maybe I'll finish the bell I started way back so I can truly "ring" in the new with tatting. ;-)

Peace, Love, and lots and thread,
Stephanie Grace
P.S.  That reminds me... I need new threads.  I realized that I don't have any blues which is just..blasphemy.  So, what are YOUR favorite threads and/or brands?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twlight HDT = trouble for December 28th...

Since I saw this thread ("Twilight" from, I've been trying to think of a perfect pattern for it... Well, last night I decided that I just *had* to try it with the heart pattern... So, I tried that today.  I was goin' strong, then, BAM! I realize that I added an extra ring.  Of course, I kept going then the thread knotted and I just gave up (the result is on the bottom of the picture below).

But, I didn't want to waste the thread, so I "emptied my needle" with a cute li'l motif that proved, yeah, I like this thread with black.  :-D  I've got a few ideas for the plain-looking motif, but we'll see what happens.  My main focus is finishing something that was meant to be done for Christmas. *blushes*  

Love and hugs,
Stephanie Grace

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts...

I don't know how I got so hooked on these.  LOL.  (It seems like that's how a majority of my tatting happens; I find a little pattern and just keep doing it over and over and over and then I move on to the next one and... same things. LOL).  

The one on top is DMC Cebelia, Size 30, in Victorian Rose (223) and Ivory (712).  I also used "Rose Glow" beads (size 11/0) from Running Springs Beads.  To add the beads, I changed the first chain to B3p4B3 and the last to 3B4j(through bead)3B; All other chains I changed to 3B4B3.

The one with the green border was done with two HDTs from which is apparently no longer available. *cries* Remind me to e-mail the woman and make sure that she's okay...

The pink-bordered heart was done with LizBeth, size 20, in Denim Whisper (from an exchange... yay!!!) and Dust Rose Lt. 

Now, I just have to figure out what to do with all these hearts! *laughs*

Well, hope you all had a wonderful day --and, if you in my neck of the woods, had a great cup of hot cocoa while watching people shovel! ;-)

With love and hugs,
Stephanie Grace

Merry Christmas!

Sure, I'm a few days late, but Happy Holidays to you all!  :-*  I hope that you all had wonderful holidays and got everything you wanted! :-*

I finally got the snow that I wanted yesterday into today.  We're in the 20-30 inch area.  :-D  The winds are scary, but the snow is so pretty!  (Thank goodness I don't have to go outside for any reason, LOL... Pretty to see, not so pretty be out in).

So, while today was supposed to be dedicated to playing catch up at, I'm thinking that this day calls for my comfy blanky, a cup of hot cocoa (or tea if I don't have the kind of cocoa I'm wanting, LOL), and some tatting.  :-D  Now, let's just hope there's a good movie on demand or something so I can really have a nice, quiet, peaceful day (until Hubby gets back...). 

Well, that's about all for now.  Oh...wait... There are a few things that I could post so that y'all see I haven't been completely idle lately...

The hearts are L'il Heart by Brigit Phelps.
The wreaths are from... I don't remember.  Handy Hands page maybe?  Finally, the "flowers" are from the book "Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns" by Monica Hahn, though I know the pattern was actually originally by someone else (too lazy to go look though...).

Love and hugs to you all,
Stephanie Grace

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Tatting To Show... :-(

So, no, there's nothing to speak of in the way of me tatting... Well, there are tiny things, but nothing that I know I can mention...  There may be a multi-medium project coming shortly with tatting though... ;-)

I have not been idle, though... I've been working on rediscovering my love of clay.  For the last few days, I've been making thing and after with clay... I'm fairly certain that knowing the exact number of petals I've done would make me sick, LOL.  I'm hoping to keep at it and improve and get to where I was a few years ago so that, maybe, I can see a pendant or something someday... Someday....

Here are two of the creations... There's plenty more, LOL, and plenty more to be finished and even more to be made...

This one is baked, painted, and on a black leather cord necklace.  Just needs a quick coat of finish, but I can't do that here, so it's got to wait until Wednesday...

Here's one without painting, straight from the oven:

 Same one, after painting... Again, still needs a coat of finish.

There is a lot more for me to do, but I wanted to check in... Any thoughts or tips??

Love and Miss you all,
Stephanie Grace