Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remembering the Bracelet Pattern....

I found the pattern from which I created my first bracelet!!!  (The red and black one):


RandaGray said...

Hiii... :) I just saw your comment on my page & I wanted to reply, but since I rarely go backv to older posts once I've been there I thought I'd come here! I've looked at both, & when done well, you can't tell the difference in one or the other - so in my opinion needle & shuttle achieve the same effect! Now I've seen it where you could tell the difference, but usually in beginners or people who assumed they knew everything... I tried both shuttle & needle when I was learning, & the needle has always amazed & bewildered me - so I think it all depends on what part of your brain picks up tatting when you learn. Thanks for the tips; if I can get my patience back to normal, I might just try & pull it back out :)

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