Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flippin' Out!

I did it! I did it!  I finally got the 'flip' down!

See that?  Those sloppy rings and chains that got tighter as I went along?  They're done with a shuttle!  FINALLY!  :-D  I was ecstatic yesterday after I'd done a bunch of stitches so, first thing today, I picked up the shuttle once again.  There are other little rings I made, but I think you get the point, LOL.  I'm getting there!  I think the "BOYE" shuttle I used may be a bit too big for me or something, but I couldn't find my other one, so I just went for it.  :-)  The pink thread seems to be a bit dry-rotted from being in storage too long at my A.C. Mom, but it worked well enough for me to start getting the hang of it.  Of course, now I'm itching to buy a different shuttle to try, but I don't think Hubby will go for that since I just put in an order a few weeks ago with Handy Hands, went to Bingo tonight, and still have to order turtle food. :-/  Oh well, I'll work with what I have and then, if I find a shuttle I'm more comfortable with, it should seem like a breeze, right?  

I am absolutely THRILLED that I finally managed to get the flip down.  I could never figure out what I was doing wrong and, well, not sure if it means much to anyone, but I think the wrapping around the pinky finger kept getting skipped.  When I read that little detail again, I got the flip right away. LOL.  Oops...  

I've tatted more things than just this (with needle, of course) and even worked out two-color split rings which I'd never tried before.  

WARNING: Stephanie Grace is getting brave. 
We should all be vewy, vewy afwaid and proceed with caution from this moment forward. LOL

Love and Happy Tatting to All,
Stephanie Grace


Michelle said...


shannon_in_love said...

good job!!! so glad that you are getting the hang of it.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Congratulations!! We can all recall our own moment of triumph (down to the day and the time) when we finally mastered the 'flip'! I was an experienced knitter and crocheter, but was SO delighted when I finally tatted my first ring (at 45 years of age)!

Amazingly, I then tatted for six months before fully comprehending how the knot was actually transferring or 'flipping'. It wasn't until I used two colors of thread (as you have done above) and was doing the chain that I realized that the thread on the left hand was controlling the formation of the knot!

You already are an accomplished needle tatter, so you should easily become an expert shuttle tatter! I recommend the Aeros, but then I'm most comfortable with shuttles with bobbins and hooks.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Congratulations on getting the flip! I tried for 20 years, but the penny didn't drop for me until I watched a video over and over again. After spending 20 minutes with the video, I never looked back... and that was about 20 years ago! I guess 20 must be my lucky tatting number. : )

Gina said...

Congratulations! Yep, there's no turning back once you get the flip down.

Fox said...

Fox : ))

Suztats said...

Hey! Congrats Stephanie! Yeehaw!

Mary R. said...

WTG! You're off and running now! Congrats!

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