Monday, April 12, 2010

Day One, Continued.

Here is the picture of the red flower from the previous post with my attempt at greenery, as well as my black flower and off-white clover.  The colors are off in the picture, but the general idea is still there, I guess... I still have much to learn.
 The black was done from memory of the red one, in a pathetic attempt to recreate the flower properly...  I ended up with something that I like, I think (maybe once it's "blocked"?).  The white one in the picture was me going with the same pattern in my head, but I forgot to join, so I ended up with more of a clover as I gave up once I noticed my mistake....

-Stephanie Grace

Day One.

I have finally gotten my mind set on Tatting.  

Needles -Check.
Thread  -Check.
Time    -Check.
Patience-Err... We'll see.

About a month ago, I bought some tatting supplies and decided that I would learn how to do it no matter what.  I was ecstatic when my supplies showed up and was overjoyed when I made my first ring.  Two days later, life changed and we moved for the second time within two weeks.  

Last night, finally, I decided to take out the supplies and get down to business.  I made two flowers!  Not very good flowers, but they look like flowers, I think... 

The gold one came first.  I was following a patten found on the internet (Flower and Butterfly Bookmark by Sharon Albers).  I then realized that I was following the pattern for one flower while looking at another.  So, I tried again, this time with the right patten-to-picture match... And, so, the red one was created.  Both were created using embroidery floss, six strands, since I got tired of wasting all of the tatting thread that I have not found to be so readily available in my area.

Today, I attempted adding a leaf to the red flower... Mind you, without a clue as to HOW to do it.  It didn't come out very well, but I may post a picture later anyway...

Other "doodles" in tatting today:  A flower in black, using size 20 thread and an off-white clover in size 30... which was actually supposed to be a flower, but I messed up. 

So, what do we have?  A bunch of little rings EVERYWHERE!  I will get this right... Won't I?

-Stephanie Grace