Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Apologize.

I am sorry.

Things will be sent as soon as I can get them out. 

I thought that I'd be "smart" and wait for Hubby's check to hand him things to mail.  Wrong answer.  What I failed to realize was that this pay had bills to cover as well as each of us having a niece turning sixteen (Blizzard of '96 remains a hassle).  

I also still need to respond to e-mails, but that's a whole different monster there.  

For those of you that e-mailed, I read every single one.  I just haven't put responses together in my head or I've just been distracted.  Again, I am sorry.

If you didn't send your address, please send it. :-P  For those of you who so generously offered to pay for shipping, I thank you, but I don't think anything will be too costly to manage --as long as I look at a calendar once in a while. *rolls eyes* 

So, there we have it.  My dirty laundry airing for all of you to see: I'm a dummy that didn't look at the calendar and realize that asking Hubby to mail things on a non-pay week would have been the right choice.  Who'da thunk?  Some just need a few stamps and I'd hoped to have them out tomorrow, but I didn't package them for Hubby to take to my parents' today, so maybe I'll do that tonight.  If not, it'll be Saturday or Monday for those.  I'll figure this out and get everything out as soon as I can.  ♥  Just... be patient.  I should have planned this better, I know that.  There were a few things, though, that could not have been predicted, so I'll cut myself a little slack there.

I meant to keep this short.  Sorry for the failure in that department.  *blushes*

Again, I'm sorry.  Life would be so much easier if I could take care of mailing on my own. :-/  

Stephanie Grace