Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sea Horse (Motif 16/25)

Last night, I started tatting a motif that has scared me for months.  It just looked like something that would be far beyond my tatting capabilities.  I, however, am me.  Bowing down like that wouldn't exactly fit with my beliefs and life. ;-)  I ended up distracted and messed up ear the end, but that's okay since I didn't think I had enough thread cut to do it anyway.  :-D  It made me realize that even though a pattern may seem scary, I'll never learn if I hide from it (or hide it from me...).  The pattern, as it turns out, is quite simple!  I'll definitely be giving it another go ...or two ...or three. 

Anywho, with my new found bravery ;-)  I decided today to tackle a pattern that, though it looked pretty simple, I was sure I'd mess up.  It didn't come out perfectly (I hate the way the long part sticking out of the muzzle (Hmmm... is it called that when it's a seahorse?) but I finished anyway.  A few months ago, that would have made me stop and cut my thread losses.).  

The pattern is written by Debbie Arnold.  I did it in Lizbeth silver and gold (my favorite fashion faux pas! LOL), size 20.  As always, it still has it's threads hanging on and it's not blocked.  I really must get the ....bravery to do that. LOL.  I just know that I'll mess things up if I start trying to hide ends and block them... One day...

Okay, I'm off to... Tat some more?  Maybe.  :-D

Hope all is well with you and yours!  (((Hugs)))

-Stephanie Grace


Stephanie Grace said...

Let me not forget to mention that I broke two needle threaders on this one! *rolls eyes*

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your seahorse looks terrific! Now I think you're ready for AnneB's Seahorse Dragon!

God's Kid said...

Neat seahorse! :)

Suztats said...

Well, I've seen it written that every tat is done 1 ds at a time. Sometimes, though, it's starting that first ds! I've avoided patterns when I thought they looked too difficult or too intricate. But not any more--I'm going to be brave like you!

Fox said...

What poise! What grace! What personality!
Good work!
Fox : )

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