Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary! (Motif #17/25)

Okay, so maybe it's no one's anniversary [that I know of], but that doesn't make this post any less happy!  :-P  

The set-up:  Me, returning home, well after 11pm last night.  Tired.  Feeling blah.  Hubby goes to bed.  Of course, I need some unwind time and I'd start tatting earlier in the day, so why not finish what I started before bed, right?

Yup.. Anniversary Motif from page 80 of Mary Konoir's Tatting with Visual Patterns.

Honestly, this thing terrified me ...or maybe it was just the chain after chain thing that I was afraid of... Either way, after tatting, un-tatting, and tatting the last chain about ten times, I finally got it done!  It's not perfect, but I really don't care. LOL.  If you haven't noticed, the mission is to just show myself that I'm capable.  We can work on that perfection thing later ...right?

I want to try this pattern again.  I think it would make a wonderful element to frame a picture and many other things.  :-)  this also gave me a better idea of how the pattern would look in two colors.  From the given picture in the book, I really wasn't sure how I'd like it without it being solid, but I think I do! :-D

Ohh!  It's done using LizBeth size 20 in #127 (Butterfly Breeze --which I surprisingly bought at a bead sale last week --I never liked this thread in the catalog!) and #614 (Lemon Lt.). 

What d'ya think?  I'm gettin' there, right?  (Wherever "there" is...) ;-)


-Stephanie Grace


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Yes, you are gettin' there! I never would have bought that color from the catalog either, but now I'm considering it. Great job!

Fox said...

You certainly are! Congrats! Nice work.
Fox : )

Gina said...

Oh yes, you're getting there. Soon you will be like the rest of us, finding little motifs all over the place, wondering when you tatted it, what pattern it was, and what in the world can be done with it now!

Actually, I was doing the same thing with a crocheted motif last night. I'm not so good at reading crochet diagrams, especially when they are from another country. The one I was working on last night was from a Japanese book but it was on a craft site and in English. Even so, there were terms I didn't know. "cast on a ring", for instance. I did find it online and learned how to do something new! I think it's called a "magic ring" elsewhere and I have seen it before but this was my first time crocheting it.

Suztats said...

Yup. On the right path! ;-)

God's Kid said...

I think your motif is so pretty! I love the colors you used!!! :)

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