Monday, November 8, 2010

R.I.P. Aunt Grace

I haven't felt ready to post this, but I realize that I'm neglecting my blog again... I'm going to make this brief and I will, hopefully, post again tomorrow or later this week.  Here's why I haven't been here:

Saturday, October 23, Aunt Grace turned 71.

Tuesday, October 26th, she went in for stents.  Things, well... let's just say things went horribly wrong.

Grace passed away on Saturday, October 30th.  

I'm still not over it, but I'm healing.  I wish I had put that bear together for her... I wish I still had time to teach her to tat like she wanted me to.  I wish I could give her one more hug or call her one more time.  I love you, Aunt Grace.

-Stephanie Grace