Saturday, August 11, 2012

Still Here

I felt like my next post should be about the giveaways and, since I'm not ready for that yet, I've been silent.  That's probably really bad reasoning and I shouldn't "hide" like that, but there's the truth of my absence.  :-P  Sorry.  The giveaways will happen, but in another few weeks, after I get back from vacation when my stash will have grown a bit, I think.

Since I've mentioned vacation, I figure I'll share that I go to West Virginia to visit family.  Anyone know anything that I should check out?  I found "New Deal at the Crossroads" which sounds up my alley (and mentions tatting!), but I'm really interested in knowing if anyone knows any great places in West Virginia where I might find tatting stuff of any kind. :-)  Remember, I have to order everything online all the time and I've only ever met two other tatters in person, both for very brief times at a bead show.  All experience and proof that other tatters [and tatting itself, even] exists is from online or postal exchanges.  (Even if anyone knows of a few good thrift or antique stores for me to check out, please, let me know). ♥  Thank you!

Now, there has been tatting.  I'll make this brief.
"Lacy Treasure Pendant" designed my Marilee Rockley
Lizbeth Silver, size 10
Hematite-colored beads

"Rhapsody Necklace" designed by Marilee Rockley
Lizbeth Silver, size 10
More Hematite-colored beads

No pattern used.
Lizbeth Charcoal Med. in size 20
Lavender Cat's eye bead and 2mm(?) lavender beads
*I sewed in ends and finished with a toggle clasp after the pictures were taken.
There has been more tatting completed but, for some reason, those are the only pictures I have to share.  I guess I should start scanning and/or fighting with my cell phone more often. 
Before I go, I just want to give a HUGE thank you to Michelle!  Not sure if I'm supposed to give her a public hug, so I'll just put it this way: She made my month!!!  Thank you, again, Michelle!
I owe someone else a thank you, but I'm hoping that will fit into my next post, if I can get decent pictures. ;-)
Stephanie Grace