Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bracelet (Motif #18/25)

A few months ago, there was an edging pattern or something that I wanted to try as a bracelet.  I started it, got maybe six rings in and stopped.  Those rings, no longer connected to a ball of thread or anything have been on an end table taunting me... So, I cut some new thread, grabbed a ball of thread and decided it was time to try it again.  I decided to do the starting ring and chain differently and will have to add a few more stitches to the first chain if I do this again, but it's DONE!  

 It's tatted in LizBeth Victorian Red and Black, both size 20.

 As an added touch, it's also got some pearly white size 11 glass seed beads. :-)

 I went with a lobster claw clasp and just a tatted ring for the closure for the bracelet.  (The tattoo is the Virgo symbol, LOL... I needed my right hand to put the bracelet on, so it had to go on my left wrist which meant the tattoo creeping into the picture... LOL).  

 And, finally, there's the bracelet with my tatting buddy --EEYORE!  :-D  He's a little mini-purse so there's a knitted, stuffed ball inside the zipper (I could never stab a stuffed Eeyore!) which holds my needle while I pull thread --much better than the days when I'd just stab the needle into my couch! LOL.  As an added note:  There's also some sand in him from the shore since he wasn't heavy enough to stay put in the breeze when I went to the beach last year, LOL... For some reason, I've let him keep the weight. :-)

Well, now all that's left is figuring out that whole hiding threads issue... *rolls eyes*

Oh!  An e-mail conversation led me to a question to ask:  Has anyone tried singing (as in singe... nothing with vocal chords, LOL) the ends or knots in tatting?  I saw a contraption at a bead sale and it made me wonder... It also made me wish I'd had one when my shoelaces frayed and I loved my laces! LOL. 

So, hugs to you all!  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

-Stephanie Grace


God's Kid said...

Great bracelet! :)

Suztats said...

Bracelet turned out very nicely!

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