Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scan-happy... :-)

I got new ink today! Yay!  (It's the off-market stuff... I used points from Swagbucks and got a Amazon card, so I figured I"d take my chances on this since it was only going to cost me a dollar for 6 cartridges).  Anywho, this means I can scan again!!!  It also kind of made me realize that I didn't have much to scan... :-/

Monday, my beloved UPS man showed up with new threads and new books from Handy Hands!  Oh, how I love that man -always brings me packages and doesn't nag or expect dinner!  Perfect! :-)  One of the books is Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns by Rozella Linden. 

I tried my luck with the Celtic Cross Bookmark:

I think I should have gone with my original plan for black on the outer round, but I'm happy to just have completed it!  :-)  It scared me, LOL.  The first round is a ring of split rings that starts with a regular ring and then cut and tie.  There's a note, however that says advanced tatters could just do a split ring there too... So I did!  Don't I realize that I'm not advanced?  LOL.  I think I made the picots too big --and the space after closing that initial SR was definitely funky, but it was my first time, so I'm not bothered. ;-)  On my cross, you might also notice that little diamond-shape in the center in the first photo... yeah... that's supposed to be round.  Ooops... *blushes*

Then I decided to do a scan of the full bracelet since my photograph was blurry:

And, finally, a bookmark.  "Wave" by Sandy Scales from Tatted Bookmarks edited by Barbara Foster, done it LizBeth's Country Side in size 20. :-)

I also tatted a snowflake but, by golly that thing is fiddly!  I need to learn to make bigger picots once in a while!  It's definitely not suitable for viewing without being blocked!!!

Well, hope all is well with you and yours!  

Love to all,
Stephanie Grace


God's Kid said...

Neat cross! Great bracelet and bookmark! :)

frances said...

Thanks for following my blog. I really like the waves bookmark, which would also make a neat choker as well. the celtic cross is lovely, the celtic form I have yet to tackle (one day I have a nice bracelet I want to try) great work

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