Friday, January 20, 2012

TIAS (Finally, pictures!)

My scanner is working again ... ya know, for now.  Hopefully, when I turn it off it won't make me go through all sorts of stuff again to make it cooperate...

Anywho, I'm enjoying being a part of TIAS this time.  I really don't know why I didn't participate before now.  It's challenging, especially since this is the first time I'm doing more than just playing around with the shuttles.  Some random thoughts:

  • SCMRs bite!  I don't know why they don't like me and my needle, but they don't.  They just don't.  And I don't like them either, so there! :-P
  • SCMRs aren't all that bad!  Something that has rarely worked for me in my nearly two years of needle tatting worked fine for me on my second try with the shuttles.  Go figure.
  • Split Rings are so simple!  With needles, the worst part about SRs is having to un-thread and re-thread the needle.  Other than that, they're simple and just like any other ring.
  • Split Rings bite!  Okay, so maybe not right now, but by golly did they make me want to throw a full-on tantrum!  Something so simple with the needle led to much cussing, un-tatting, and YouTube video watching.  I found three different ways to do it.  Dead Spider rocks.  If you're new to shuttle tatting, don't listen to any instructions that don't have you flip your hand up like a dead spider!  I can't say it made it work for me the first time, but it came together eventually.  SRs and I aren't best friends, but we managed to make nice-nice.

Now, for the pictures.  Both are done in LizBeth threads, size 20.
The one on the left is light turquoise and some thread with spring in the title, I think.  (I'm too lazy to get and grab the color card.)  The one on the right is Pink Cocoa (that I constantly want to call Pink Mocha) and is done with a needle.  It seems so bulky in comparison!  (Hmm.. will this experience turn me against my needles?  I think not, but I'm going to love if I can get to a point where I can choose which to use depending upon the pattern...). 

Of course, when you charge right into something instead of actually learning what you're doing beforehand, there's got to be a casualty, right?
That was my first attempt with the shuttles.  Don't ask me what happened... You know full well thread has a mind of its own! ;-)

Love and happy tatting to all!

Stephanie Grace


Jane Eborall said...

Well done, Stephanie. As I've said to you privately - I think your shuttle piece has a lot more 'definition' than the needle piece. Rock on for the dead spider. The only good spider is a dead one.

God's Kid said...

I think both pieces look pretty good! :)
It's great to learn something new, and I too have troubles with the SCMR so far.

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