Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Printer/Scanner hates me!

I was doin' pretty good with the whole new post each morning thing, right?  I thought so.  Then, my stinkin' printer/scanner decided that it no longer wanted to let me print or scan through WiFi.  Then, it didn't want to connect via USB to my desktop.  

Without pictures, I figured there was no point in a post, but how am I supposed to get used to a schedule if I don't go through the motions, right? 

Well, yesterday, I tried using the webcam.  Note that I haven't used one in probably ten years (at least), didn't play with settings, and am an incredibly shaky person.  

On Saturday, I received my copy of Ms. Marilee Rockley's Tatted Jewelry!  (Did I mention she SIGNED it? Eeee!!!).  I was in the middle of doing something and wouldn't let myself open it until I finished --good idea because I got lost for several hours after I ripped open the envelope!  

I dove right in and started making things right away.  Here are the three.  
These are "Keyed Up" on page 23 done in LizBeth 662 and 605, both include size 11/0 Czech glass seed beads.
(The green one that you see half of is in 144).
This one is in Color 109 --and wanted to jump off of the paper and lid that I'd laid it on for the picture! LOL. 

Those that have the book may notice that I omitted the top ring.  Personally, I like how they look better without it --until a jump ring is added.  Oops.  I knew it was there for a reason! LOL.  I already have more of these to shows and I don't think I'll be stopped with this pattern any time soon.  Perhaps because, when ordering the book, I was drawn to this pattern and almost ordered it at the same time in PDF format?

Well, hopefully I'll get the stupid printer/scanner (Stephanie, insulting it won't get it to work for you...) to work for me later --And actually scan at the right size which has long been a problem for me.  It appears, though, that I'm not the only one with this problem.  I'm thinking of blaming Epson, but I'd rather blame Windows. 

Enough rambling... If I want to add that to my list, I need to get started like yesterday! ;-)

Love and happy tatting to all!

Stephanie Grace


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