Friday, January 13, 2012

TIAS Day 2 (No pictures yet)

My computer is finally giving a scan option, so I'll catch up with all of that after I tackle some of my To Do list (which may or may not include rearranging my bedroom...).  

Anywho, Jane posted Day 2 so I jumped on that right after my tea (okay, during).  While this isn't a major thing to share, the decision I made yesterday might be... I decided to climb out on a limp (the one without a net under it) and do the TIAS twice --one with needle and one with shuttles!  My rings still aren't closing right on the shuttle and I'm not very neat yet, but I figured this would be great practice and, hopefully, by the end I'll be better.  :-)  It's a good theory, right?

Okay, going to finish watching Millionaire and then tackle the chores.  I'll be back later with some pictures --Or it'll be the first thing I do tomorrow! :-*

Love and happy tatting to all!

Stephanie Grace


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