Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's Goes Nothin'...

The new modem arrived yesterday, so I'm hoping to get things on track.  (With the old modem, it wouldn't cooperate with my wireless router and to go from laptop to desktop, I'd have to plug in which one I wanted and call ... then call again when I went back to the first one.  It was irritating as anything!). 

Back to tatting... I've been just toying around.  All the patterns I have and nothing was screaming out, so I grabbed threads that I don't care much for and just had fun... 
The navy blue one is designed by Mary Konior.  It's around page 70, I think, in Tatting With Visual Patterns.  I want to say Masquerade, but I could be wrong (okay; new goal... write down the pattern information when it's complete in case I'm feeling lazy when I blog about it. LOL).  The final chain got twisted, of course, but when I did it again in obnoxious green, it came out fine, so go figure...

The pink with the heart is just a simple little thing to help me be sure I was adding a bead on the right way. ;-)  I kind of like the tiny little fella...

The other pink is just there because I wasn't sure how the color would be changed in the tiny one and wanted something to show the color.

The bright green was me just letting the thread go where it wanted to.  I think it looks like an anchor; do you see it to?  I think I might actually toy with it some more and make the bottom part bigger.  I have some nautical-themed note cards that an anchor might work well with. ;-)

This was another of me just playing around.  Of course, the stinkin' snowflake is facing the backside of the main ring. >.<  I kept on truckin' though ...then a chain didn't want to tighten enough, so I gave in and cut it off the ball.  When I went to scan it, though, I realized that I like it a lot, so I just might have to make another attempt at this one.  I like how, in the scan, the snowflake points look like they're attached to the ring --they're not, it just sits as though it is which makes me happy. LOL.  

Well, time to move on with my day.  I have a new book of patterns arriving today, so hopefully that will inspire some more playing around. 

Oh!  I'm also working on another project using the bright green Mary Konior motif, so maybe I'll have that to show tomorrow?  (I got smart with that one and, since other bits are being repeated, I scanned and planned out the positioning on the computer before tatting... I'm scaring myself with all of this playing around!  I'm too meek and mild for this stuff! LOL).

Love and happy tats to all!

Stephanie Grace


God's Kid said...

Looks like you might be having a little tatting fun there. I saw the anchor right away and thought you might have planned that-it's cool that it just happened.
And it looks like that snowflake was going to come out looking awesome! :)

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