Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ugh. Argh. Grr.

Have I ever mentioned that I am incredibly blonde?  Sure my hair isn't the platinum blonde of my young years anymore, but my brain is SO there!  :-/

The other day, I was tatting in my bedroom.  (I'm a good wifeypoo and opted to watch television in there so the hubby could watching television and listen to his radio in the living room... Silly me...).  I came out to go on the computer and got a bit lost.  Hubby kept complaining about my tatting stuff being all over the bed (well, it was his side...), so, in a huff, I went in, grabbed it all, and brought it back to the living room.  I MUST learn not to do things "in a huff"!  

Fast forward to the following morning.  I awake thinking, "Ow... It felt like something poked me."  I laugh it off, figuring I'm still half-dreaming (so not true that you don't feel pain in dreams --I feel it all the time --and never wake up when I actually get hurt while sleeping).  Of course, I make the same motion I made the first time... Ow! It feels like something poked me!  This time, I get up... and then I see it... A thread.  My heart sinks and I dare not touch it... but I must.  

Yup, you guessed it, I pulled the thread and, at the end, was my finest tatting needle!  :-O  It was embedded so deeply into my blanket, that, had there not been string attached, I would have had a VERY hard time getting it out...  Needless to say, it's bent beyond recognition.  I tried several ways to straighten it and, well... No such luck.  Thank God my birthday is on the third and I'll be able to get new needles!  :-D

Since that dreadful day, my tatting seems to have come to a standstill.  It's not even the needle I use most often (it's in second place, though), but, for some reason, since that happened, I just haven't sat down and really concentrated on my tatting.  :'-(  Tomorrow, I need to get reviews done over at the writing website ( since my membership runs out at the end of the month and I don't want that to happen, but I swear to tat at least SOMETHING!  I still have more cards to do, so maybe I'll work on that --but I'm so incredibly sick of butterflies and flowers right now! LOL.  I need to make bookmarks for someone, so perhaps I should try and figure that out.  I've never even completed a bookmark --Tried, but never cut enough thread. :-(  Yes, at least one bookmark tomorrow.  Maybe I'll take out the paints and cardstock and use them as well as tatting...?  Hmmm....

Well, I hope everyone out there is having a lovely day!  I know my days are getting better.  :-)  Thank God football has started!  (Okay, so only pre-season, but, still... it's football! LOL). 

-Stephanie Grace


BSOTF said...

Stephanie Grace,
I'm sorry to hear that your needle got the bad end of the night in bed with you. However I'm glad to hear that neither you or your husband got it stuck in yourselves. Birthdays are good reasons to get tatting supplies as gifts. Cause they are things you will use & enjoy making things with. Happy Birthday early!
As for football season..what can I say? Most wives hate it. But you have a good outlook on this. It's when your hubby can do what he wants & you get time to tatt or do other things you want to do. So it's not a bad thing at your house. I'm very happy to hear that.

Gina said...

Yikes! That had to be a darned good poke to bend it up. I'm glad it didn't puncture you!

Suztats said...

Here's hoping you have a very Happy Birthday! and that the needle fairy treats you well! So lucky that your needle was just bent, and not stuck in you or your DH! Best wishes!

God's Kid said...

Hmmm...sounds like another thing to add to the "Do Not Do In Bed" List: Tatting
I hope you get the new needles you need and some fun thread to "play" with. I got mine. :)

Eliz (tatknot) said...

I was so afraid you were going to tell us it was embedded in YOU! I sometimes find that one frustration just leads to another. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you and your tatting.

agasunset said...

I totally understand your huff, my hubby complains on my tatting staff all the time, and believe me i poke myself on the couch and bed so many times, that I am just lucky it never poke him.
I'll give you little tip for too short thread for bookmark. When you notice that the thread is getting short to fast just complete the motif where you are and make Josephine knot for the rest of it. Little cheat but works sometimes :))

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