Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm still here... I swear

I'm still here. ;-)  Just...yeah... Another sick family member (she's still in hospital... we're praying for her... I'd give more details, but this is the more private side of the family and I know I wouldn't appreciate people blogging about me without my knowledge, so I'll leave it at that.). ;-)

In tatting news:  Yes, I have been tatting.  :-D  I also learned that tatting on the beach on a breezy day is a HORRIBLE idea! LOL... Especially when a seagull (which we named Todd) decided to taunt me and set my "ornithophobia" into a frenzy. LOL.  Not fun. 

I'd love to show what I've done, but I cannot.  Not until I get two things in the mail and have the arrive at their respective homes... Then, I'll post away.  :-)  

I'm thinking, though, that I may take a break tomorrow from this "project" and do something else.  Making the same patterns over and over is starting to get boring. LOL.  Maybe I'll sit down tonight and design something else to tat tomorrow...  Just one thing different and then I'll get back to "work".  (Which isn't a lie as I was offered the possibility of selling what I'm making!  Yes, someone wants to PAY me for tatting!  I'm flabbergasted!  And, since I didn't get the pattern from a book or the internet or anything, I have no qualms with this. LOL.  This is why I need to design things myself:  So many people ask how much I would sell something for when I post a pic, but I can't sell something that someone else designed without permission and I don't want to have to obtain it for fear of being a nuisance...  or maybe because I'm just plain shy?  :-)  

Well, I'd say that's enough rambling from me.  I'm going to either go tat, go start trying to sketch something to tat, or get lost in some dumb Facebook game, LOL... Or maybe get lost going through all of the blogs that I follow and haven't been on to keep up with?  Sounds like a good choice to me. :-)

-Stephanie Grace


Eliz (tatknot) said...

I hope you enjoyed your break and came back inspired. You've infpired MY curiosity. Can't wait to see pictures.

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