Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How does it work?

So, I won't "sell" anything because I haven't designed it and I've gotten offers from people.  Here's the question of the week:  What if you buy a book and the pattern is from said book?  If you're not mass-marketing, but get a monetary offer from a friend to compensate for time and thread, is that okay?  

I mean, I've actually refused money offerings because the design I used was created by a member of the tatting community and the pattern was free.  I've directed them to the designs, but so many don't even know what tatting is or don't want to make it for themselves and then, if the designer doesn't have that pattern for sale... I mean, I actually feel bad for telling people, "No, you cannot buy it."  And I really can't afford to just keep tatting and giving things for free, so I'm just wondering what YOUR take is on this whole copyright situation.  

As an added note: I would NEVER offer anything for sale that I didn't design myself... I'm just talking about people asking, "How much do you want for that?"  If you make it and share a picture and someone asks, just for that one thing, and you'll only be getting, say a buck for it to cover shipping and thread, is that really so wrong?  I'm asking before doing because I hate that I have people wanting things that I just have lying around... ALSO, what if you use a free pattern for a different project?  I mean, say it's offered online for free, but you're using for embellishment of a different project, possibly a completely different medium... What then?

Yeah, yeah, me with the questions. ALWAYS.  I like to know what I can before I do anything to avoid any "bad" that could arise...  So, what are YOUR thoughts?

-Stephanie Grace


God's Kid said...

Great questions! They may help others of us thinking the same things(like me). Can't wait to see the answers! :)
Have a great day!

Imoshen said...

The few times I actually 'sold' something, I just asked for compensation for the thread and postage. I usually give my tatting away. One thing to always include is a small card of some sort that gives credit to the designer, I would include the website the pattern was from as well. I would list "Tatted by...Designed by... Website pattern is available at.." The one time I got more than thread/postage costs, I used a pattern that the designer stated on her website giving permission to give or sale the finished projects. When in doubt you can always try contacting the designer directly and ask for permission to sell the finished piece.

tattrldy said...

I agree with Imoshen - if in doubt, ask the designer. Sometimes they have their conditions posted on their blog/website, other times not. And as previously said, give credit where credit is due.

Eliz (tatknot) said...

I'm really thankful that our tatting community tries so hard to honor the rights of designers. It's why this kind of question is asked so often. We don't just care about the law, but we try to honor the requests and desires of the designer.

So I would check the book or website carefully for that information first. If you want to contact the designer, most of us can be found through the internet or through the publisher. In the kind of case you are asking about, waiting to contact the designer doesn't seem very practical. To some extent, I think you are going to have to let your conscience be your guide. What would you want if your roles were reversed and you had designed the piece? How much compensation is too much? Beats me! If you find yourself getting multiple requests for a particular piece, it may be time to contact the designer.

Jane Eborall said...

Personally I don't mind people making and selling my stuff AS LONG AS they don't do so online!!! Why? Because I do that myself to 'feed the addiction' and if I've put the time and trouble into a pattern then I feel I should be able to have the 'market' online. BUT I don't mind (and love!) people selling locally to friends, fairs and charities. I would like to be mentioned as the designer but then who would know me in the distant corners of the world outside of tat land? I also have a 'Creative Commons' licence on my web page which also mentions that if a design is used and changed then the source of the original must be mentioned. This does save 'copyright theft' to a degree.
Hope this makes sense and doesn't make me out as a 'miserable old git'!!

TotusMel said...

I'm with Jane. I've been asked many times if it was okay to sell pieces from my designs and as long as it's offline is perfectly fine with me...I am a bit territorial online though. I think most designers are the same way, we don't want to compete with our own designs where we sell, but elsewhere is no bother.

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