Monday, August 2, 2010

A lot of this and a little of tat.

So, here's the quick update of why I have not been here:

Thursday, July 22, morning: Found out that my Daddy needed surgery on his neck. 
Thursday, July 22, night: Found out that the surgery actually meant them cutting open his throat, moving his esophagus and larynx, and then putting some marrow from his hip into his neck.  SCARY! 

Friday, July 23: Found out that the surgery would be that Monday.  

Monday, July 26:  Daddy's surgery went fine and this Daddy's Girl was on Cloud Nine knowing that Daddy would be fine.

Tuesday, July 27:  Woke up to a call from my mom telling me that Jersey died.  Jersey was a beautiful Rott/Shepherd mix that my brother brought home from Colorado in 2002.  He was the BEST dog... a gentle giant and a beautiful soul.  It's torn up the heart of every family member.  Same day, we picked up Daddy and had to tell him that his best friend wouldn't be there when he got home.  Too much to handle, for me.  My heart shattered right there and is still nothing but slivers.  

Today:  Daddy is fine and we are all healing.  Poor Daddy cannot leave the upstairs of the house since that's where the bathroom is, so he's going stir-crazy, but he's okay.  (When he got home, I put a one-cup coffee maker in his room, gave him bottles of water, his mug, his tea bags, bottle of honey, two spoons, a soup mug, and packets of oatmeal. LOL... Then, I gave him my little netbook thingy and my brother hooked it up to his television and gave him a wireless keyboard and mouse --I'd be in HEaven if I was him! LOL.).  

So, that's all, in a nutshell.  And, now, a few little butterflies:



agasunset said...

What a terrible week you've had? I am so sorry for your dog, but I am happy that your Dad is doing ok. He will be back downstairs in no time. You just keep tatting, that always lifts up my spirit :))
Hugs for you :))

Melanie said...

Sorry about your dog :( but glad your dad is on the mend. Pretty butterflies!

Anonymous said...

Melanie and Agasunset said the exact things that I was going to post, so I will just say Dido!

Mind if I ask, did Jersey die of old age?

I can only imagine the pain and heartbreak. I have a 10 year old mutt (fat and happy *needs to be on a diet, really*, and I know that one day-possibly soon, it will be her turn to say goodbye... and I'm not ready for that)

Take care,

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