Sunday, August 15, 2010


Since the cards that are going out in the mail tomorrow are already inside their envelopes and ready to do and this is going to a friend that doesn't tat (I thought it might, LOL), I figured I'd share with you all what I've done... :-D

I messed up with the flower on her headband... It was dark and I didn't realize that it was a different thread than what I'd used on this card.

So, here's more about it:  The tatting is done in an unknown LizBeth size 40 thread and LizBeth white size 40.  ;-)  My friend sent me a whole bunch of Cicely Mary Barker cards a few years ago.  Well, I haven't mailed stuff out like I did then (i.e. stopped pen-palling... THAT's a lost art form, not tatting!)  Anywho, when a beautiful soul sent me this thread, I immediately thought of this card... I think it matches SO well! I really could not resist putting them together.  A BIG thank you to Wanda for inspiring this and to Roni and "R" for providing the materials that made this come together.  Yeah, sure, it may not be perfect, but I actually like it! LOL.  Now, I just need to make some more and find threads to match the other cards! LOL.  :-D  (I have two more with this fairy going right now... have to tat more flowers for them, then I think I have three or four of this one.... And a bunch of others!  YAY!!!). 

Yeah, yeah, it's not much but I'm just so pleased to see my tatting being somewhat useful!  (My mom wants one like this to give to a neighbor for a thank you card...).

-Stephanie Grace


Eliz (tatknot) said...

A great use of your tatting. The tatted embellishments really make the card special. I really must try this. Thank you for the inspiration.

Suztats said...

they are looking real good, Stephanie!

singtatter said...

Wow, lovely flower fairy card and all the tatted accent flowers! Matching butterfly!

Victoria said...

As you know, sis, I don't tat, but I love this card! The colors are beautiful and it's just gorgeous!

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