Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Tatting Related by SO PRETTY!!!

Going with my theory that life gets better once Football starts has really changed my life!  Giants (my team) played their first preseason game last night and since then:
  • I saved around $66 on an order from Snapfish, gettign 67 4x6 prints, 1 8x10 collage print, 1 8x10 print, and two photo books of 20 pages and around 95 photos all for $10.98.  Yes, happiness...
  • Giants beat the Jets! (Yes, I know it's meaningless, but I still get to brag to Daddy whose a Jets fan! LOL). 
  • I got an e-mail telling me that I WON a giveaway over at Fishing and Wishing!!!  I won a matted photo print from Lisa Caesar Photography!!!  I was stunned... Really, I turned into some bubbly, happy maniac at that point. LOL.  I never win such things!!!
  • Got a call of warning and planning early in the day from someone who LOVES to wait until last minute to tell me things...  Yes, the Full Moon is only a few days away.  LOL.
  • Got another call about something VERY good happening.  More details will come later, maybe... it's not anything to do with tatting or anything, but happiness nonetheless.  :-)
  • Our finances may even be a touch better now... No, not through anything big, but we'll now make it to the end of January without too much strain (i.e. We can keep our lights and food! LOL).  
Now, what could I be posting about?  How about this: I WON from Fishing and Wishing and I want you to as well!  The latest giveaway, Framed Photo and Matching Cards, is just amazing!  The print and cards are from Blue Boat Photo and really made me want to jump through the computer and hug the woman who makes these amazing things --and of course the woman who does the giveaways.  

Just looks at Vintage Twinkle!!!  How can anyone not fall in love that image???  I WANT IT!!! LOL. 

My suggestion:  Head over to Fishing and Wishing and get yourself a chance to win this amazing offer!!!  Sure, it'll make it harder for me to win, but what are my chances of winning two such beauties in such a short span of time anyway? LOL. 

Well, that's all for now.  I may post again later, though.  I didn't tat anything today, but I did dream up something that I want to try...  ;-)

-Stephanie Grace


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