Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She Reads Books At the Seashore (Motif #5/25)

What'd you think she does; sell seashells?  :-D

So, I got some new threads (all LizBeth, 20)  in the mail today!!! *HUGE smile*  I couldn't figure out ones to play with first and ended up going with Seashells (114) and the supposedly matching Shell Pink lt (626).  I like the color of Shell Pink Lt, but I don't like it with Seashells... it doesn't match ANYWHERE near as well as I expected.  

...If I would have known that Seashells would look so bad with the solid, I would NOT have ordered it.  It doesn't have the "antique" look that I was expecting... much brighter.  I am NOT happy with it.  :-/  ...That's what I get for having high expectations for something with purple in it, I guess.  Blah.  Well, at least I have a ball of thread that I won't mind wasting now. :-)  If I can find a color that looks better with it, maybe I'll just make a whole bunch of bookmarks with it so I can be done with it. ;-) 

So, has anyone else ordered these two threads and noticed that the Shell Pink Lt. has a much more "antique" coloring than the pink in Seashells?  THAT'S the pink I wanted to see... Not what I got...  :-/  Oh well.  Live and learn, right? ;-)

Well, that's enough of my complaining and rambling! :-)

With love,
Stephanie Grace


Fox said...

Looks pretty to me!
Fox : )

Suztats said...

Well, it'll be perfect for test-tatting new designs, or for doing a thread swap maybe. I wonder if you could tea-stain it over the colour. I don't know if it would work, or if it would be permanent....just a thought. I'm sure someone else would know......

tattrldy said...

I just tried using those two colors together and have the same opinion as you do - they do not go that well together. I did find a light blue that I think might work but I can't remember the number right now. I think the light pink does look more old-fashioned, too.

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