Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rat a Tat Tat

I wanted to make these smaller, but I suddenly have a few other things to do (all at once), LOL.  So, here are some quick photos of that I've been up to:

The cross is made from Brigit's pattern --I will link later.  It's whiter here than in real life and sloppy, I know... It is not blocked or anything and I'm still new at this, so be kind, please.

The star is created with just square knots (Marcame) using embroidery floss (again, three strands rather than six).  It is pinned into shape since I have not stiffened it yet.  It has a longer tail --more square knots, so that it can be a book thong someday. ;-)

Simple green ring.  It's not complete as far as the pattern that I have, but it's actually a ring!  :-D 

Okay, time for me to get started with everything else. Ugh....

-Stephanie Grace


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