Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20th Post. LOL.

Pattern for cross:  Brigit's Tatting - Cross 
See... I remembered!  (I love how I type like anyone actually reads this! LOL). 

Anywho, today, I tried my hand at the ring again.  Came out pretty crappy again, but I used smaller thread and made it in black and like it much better, even if it is sloppy!  :-P  I'm thinking that I may actually do the top/bottom half for it this time... Maybe. 

What else?  I went to do a pattern and got a wee bit stuck, so I ended up with a light purple clover that I decided to play with and add a light green "chain" to it... I don't know if it's a three-petal flower or a pathetic bunch of grapes! :-D  If I find a use for it, I'll figure that part out then. LOL. 

Oh! And decided to start trying a necklace pattern.  Didn't get very far, but it's still attached to the ball of thread with a Post-It note on the top reminding me what I was doing.  Ah... I love my Post Its!  ;-)

Well, Tat's all... Wow... How corny am I?

-Stephanie Grace


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