Thursday, May 27, 2010

A bookmark?

I finally got ribbon from my mom.  I sat down with, stared at the colors and then came up with a plan.  Wrote down a tatting pattern and I was utterly shocked when the written pattern actually worked!  :-D Needs some tweaking, but this is as I wrote it, so I was happy.  Then, I grabbed my handy-dandy dollar store sewing kit (which was purchased primarily for its needle threader that I broke already... go figure) and came up with how I wanted the ribbon.  Here is the final product:  

 I'm going to block and stiffen the "flower" part later or tomorrow --As well as glue the knots a kit and cut off that extra string that I'm keeping for security. LOL.  (I'm a little knot obsessed.  I realize this).  Oh!  The end with the big flower also has a loop since, if I use it, I'd like it to hold a pen, I think. ;-)

 So, not that anyone actually reads this, but, if you do; Any thoughts?

-Stephanie Grace


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