Saturday, May 29, 2010

A 3D button flower?

So, I decided to attempt Ms. Jane Eborall's  Button flower which you can find here:

Well, I haven't cut the strings off yet, but I wanted to post this since I'm just proud to have finished one! :-D  Here are the pictures:
I want to try it again as more of a Lily Pad thing, but I don't have the right colors... Wait... I might in my embroidery floss.  I'm going to have to check. LOL.  (Great; If I get lost in cross stitch, I'll scream. LOL). 

-Stephanie Grace


Jannat said...

Pretty pics!! Lily pad? :-D I hope you don't need to scream.

Gina said...

You're doing great! I haven't done this one yet but it looks good. I wondered how the bottom side looked.

Stephanie Grace said...

Thank you, Jannat... I'm pretty sure it WILL drive me crazy to try and do it, but I'm pretty determined (off and on, LOL). I made a few doodles for how I want to do it, but nothing that I've lived enough to attempt yet... Hmm... Maybe that's what I should be doing right now. LOL. ;-)

Thank you, Gina! I added the photo of the bottom because I know that I'd be curious if I saw it on someone else's blog. LOL. Good to know I'm not alone in such thoughts! ;-)

Thank you both SO MUCH!!!!!

-Stephanie Grace

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