Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Ozzy Has Spoketh.

Unto me he spoketh, "Eleven, Ma?  Really?  Give them each a little something!"

Thus, I say unto you, e-mail me with your address if you are on this list: (Who can resist those curls?  I just can't say 'no' when he shows the twirl of his mustache with the curl around his ears!). 

01. Diane
02. Michelle
03. Bree
04. SuzTats
05. Shannon_in_love
06. Olga Tatiana Rostkowska
07. Beelizabeth
08. H J Hess
09. Bonnie
10. Webbies
11. tatting-marie

I've made my notes and will try to make everyone happy, but, please, don't be disappointed if you only get twelve yards of HDT and some beads or buttons.  I want everyone to get something without giving Hubby a heart attack with postage costs and/or leaving myself with nothing to play with, LOL.  

I also want you all to know that you commenting means the world to me.  I didn't say 'Giveaway' in the title of that post because I really wanted it to go to people that actually read my blog and ramblings.  Sometimes, I feel like I'm just on the outside looking in when it comes to Tatland and YOU are the ones that make me feel welcome.  I can't thank you enough for that.  

Okay, so since Ozzy decided to be so generous, I'd like to ask that everyone be patient and give me a week or two to get everything mailed since I have to finish stuff, sort stuff, and -of course- work around Hubby's pay schedule... Sorry for the wait.  :-/

Stephanie Grace


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Comments do have a way of helping us feel connected! I do feel bad when life gets hectic and I don't take the time to leave comments on blogs. Are you giving away a few more hours each day? ;-)

Michelle said...

I'm sorry you feel on the outside looking in! Idon't think of you that ay at all!

Oh GReat WizArd of OZ, thanks for speaking up!

Bonnie said...

"The Ozzy" made me smile b/c for me it's like us and "The Girls" (our dogs) just adding "The" means he must rule your roost like our girls rule our roost. And I wouldn't want it any other way :-) - well maybe sometimes.

I understand the feeling of being outside looking in. You and I have emailed about that. But know that you are a part of MY tatting community and to me that's all that matters :-)

God's Kid said...

I think that comments also inspire and encourage us to keep tatting, learning, and growing! :)
Have an awesome day!!! :)

H J Hess said...

That handsome Ozzy, with his dashing mustache! He is quite the fashion plate.
Thank you for your generosity. You and Ozzy are kind enough, without having to cover all that postage. Please give me your PayPal info/email and I will transfer the cost of postage to you. My address is hess . tattersguild at gmail . com (just get rid of the spaces and change the 'at'.
I ALWAYS read you, even though I usually am not much of a commenter. Don't feel disheartened. Your blog is fun.

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