Friday, September 14, 2012

Sure, I've played with shuttles...

I may not have tatted a single stitch since my return, but I have played with shuttles!

The first two are Clovers.  The last three are eBay cheapies.  Each of them has an end where the ends don't meet. >.<  Still worth the $1.50 each, though, especially since I wanted them to practice decorating shuttles.  All except the middle shuttle are decorated using napkins sent from Ms. Diane (Thank you!!!) The flower and ladybug stickers are from my mom (Thank you!!!). ;-)

By now, we all know that my cell phone hates me, but I tried to get better pictures of the first two...
This one has nail decal flowers and glitter... Of course, you can't see all that.  Stupid phone.

This has glitter nail polish, too... Have I said 'stupid phone' lately? >.<  

 Sure, I'm new to it and they're not all that pretty, but I'm learning.  :-P  Oh, the shuttles are resting on another shuttle that I decorated.  A Susan Bates bobbin one.  It's painted silver and I used the same floral napkin.  

Just so that this isn't all shuttles and no tatting.  Here's a necklace that I sent to a friend a few weeks ago.  The pattern is Ms. Marilee's "Rhapsody Necklace".  It's done in Lizbeth, Size 10 black with pink size 8 beads and a pink glass pearl.  Of course, in the picture that I took with my phone, it looks green:
 My lovely friend, though, took pictures when she got it.  See!  It really is black!  LOL

Well, that's all for now.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway in my last post!  ;-)

Stephanie Grace


Michelle said...

Aren't those shuttles lovely? And fun and cheerful! Well done!

shannon_in_love said...

i like the fourth shuttle from the left. its beautiful!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your shuttles are adorable! I especially like the blue one. ;-)

Bonnie said...

Cute Shuttles... . Diane also sent me some napkins,so I've got to make time to get some of my clovers blinged too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lucky Friend, Very petty necklace!!

God's Kid said...

Your shuttles are really sweet!!! :)
And my friend, Cheryl and I really like your necklace!!

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