Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Turtle Told Me to Give Stuff Away...

...and, being a well-trained pet owner, I figure that I should listen to the little bugger.  So... Comment on this post to enter.

If you've already gone to comment, you might miss this rule, so I hope you actually read this:  Please comment with what crafts you do.  If you only tat, say so.  If you do other crafts, I want to know all of them! :-P  I'm doing it this way so that I might have more to offer the winner(s) since, well, my tatting thread stash isn't all too thrilling so I probably don't have anything there to offer that most of don't own already.  *If you don't comment about your favored crafts, etc... and just leave a comment, it will not count. 

Winner(s) will be chosen by on Friday, September 21st, around 7pm EDT/ 11:00pm UTC/ 23:00GMT/ GMT -4:00.  Thorough enough?  LOL. No comments after 7:05EDT will be eligible. 

As for the other giveaway, for those that commented on my question [before I mentioned a giveaway], here is my list:

01. E-mailer
02. Bree
03. Michelle
04. Shannon
05. Diane
06. Bonnie
07. God's Kid
08. Beelizabeth
09. CrazyKwilter

I never delete e-mails, so I don't know why I can't find who e-mailed me, but I know that someone e-mailed before anyone commented.  I only included those that commented before the next post which mentioned the giveaway in an attempt to keep things fair.  (Those posts were so long ago that I'm probably the only one that even remembers anything ... and only because I looked back!  LOL). 

Well, there we have it.  If you made it this far, you may as well tell me your favorite color(s), too.  Not required, but it could help me with picking from my stash if you win, LOL.  ;-)

Again, nothing extravagant to offer... I wish I had more...

Stephanie Grace

Ozzy, the giveaway enforcer.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Always listen to your turtle!

I tat, sew, knit, crochet, weave, quilt, Kumihimo, do a little bobbin lace, and of course... READ!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking that Ozzy is my favorite turtle. I tat, teach, torment my children (they're teenagers, it's required) and tat. I've been known to knit, do calligraphy, and do cross-stitch but I've left those behind for all the time tatting. Seems like grading papers should be a hobby since I do so much of that but yuck! Origami fascinates me but again, I've sort of dropped it in favor of tatting. Favorite color(s): blue, green, purple -the soft kind not neony or deep, rich tones. Burgundy too oh, and I tat. : )

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

I had a turtle once! Well, I didn't really HAVE him, we found a box turtle out on the road, and here they do a migration once a year to the one small lake around for a hundred miles to mate, and so they get crunched on the roads, we stopped and rescued him off the road, took him home and mended him... then put him in the yard and kept feeding him until he was well enough he just wandered off on his own, lol, guess his drive to mate was strong enough he didn't want to stay any more :D... anyhow, I like any and all colors, and am truly happy with anything :) I am not picky and make sure everyone else is happy first :X

I knit, crochet, tat, make beaded jewelry, paint, draw, sew, decoupage, any little crafting I can find, a tiny little bit of fimo clay, I love to bake and cook, I used to like to garden before we moved to the desert, and I love love love horror movies, lol, I love watching horror movies while I tat, knit or crochet, lol... I know, I am weird :)

Suztats said...

Love your Ozzy.
Gee, let's see, I needle tat, embroider, crazy quilt, bead, paint, knit, x-stitch, sew, do rug hook sculpture, love music, love to read. I like all colours, but really like jewel tones, and especially greens.
Hope you have a great response to your giveaway!

shannon_in_love said...

ok. so i tat, knit,crochet, i love sewing right now, both by hand and machine:), i have done a little of bobbin lace but got discouraged when i couldn't learn the style that i wanted... but i still want to learn... i do some origami too... i think thats it for me... oh and my favorite color is green... a deep beautiful green kinda looks jewel type color but very deep green.. or pink.. i really like pink too. as for turtles... i have had one. but the story wasn't a happy one so i don't want to bring the party down... CHEERS!!

Olga Tatiana Rostkowska said...

well... i crochet, tat, bead, felt, spin (on both spinning wheel and drop spindle), calligraph, fimo a bit, take photos, bake... and take care of homeless cats (adopted two of them!), which turns out to be the greatest fun of all :)

Beelizabeth said...

I knit, tat, crochet, sew, do many types of bead work, embroider, cross stitch- just about anything with a needle and thread. And in my slightly warped mind a hook and shuttle count as needles and wire counts as thread. I knit and crochet with both yarn and thread. I made French beaded flowers (seed beads & wire) for my son's wedding. I even do pieced quilts and hand quilting. And I've always liked blue but lately I've been using a lot of greens and just about any bright color.

H J Hess said...

If I say I love turtles, do I win Ozzy? Pleeeease??? I promise to let him be the boss.
Blue and green and lively colors. Not pink.
Crochet, kumihimo braiding, hand weaving, sewing, tatting, tatting with beads, decoupage, jewelry making, cross-stitch, painting furniture, and needlepoint (but not for a while).
Tell Ozzy I say "Hi!".

Bonnie said...

In my lifetime I have done many crafts, many many crafts is probably a better way to say it.

However what I am currently active in is, tatting (I am attracted to color -not so much pink or purple though - so HTD with multi colors are my favorite threads), temari (again I'm attracted to the colors), sewing (mostly fabric postcards), card making (but really anything w/ paper and fine point pens or makers. - I just ordered a "We R Memory Keepers The Cinch V2 Book-Binding Kit" - can't wait to get it!)

Sadly right now my allergies are so bad I've not done anything in quite awhile, it's all I can do to make it threw my work day. My eyes hurt so bad when I get home that I've rubbed my right eye lid raw.

It makes me sad really, I'm not me when I'm not being creative.

Webbies said...

I love crafty goodness. Entry level tatting, advanced knitter. I crochet, make sock animals, and can spin (wheel and spindLe). There may be other things I am forgetting too, but I love the fiber arts!

tatting-marie said...

Tatting is my main craft today, but I also knit, crochet, sew and have done macrame and quilling. I also did some Ukrainian Pysanka Easter Eggs and would love to do bobbin lace one day.

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