Monday, September 17, 2012

All That Jazz...

...Or maybe not jazz, maybe it's bling. (I can't believe I just "said" bling. So. Not. Me.).  

Again too lazy to re-size.
(From left)
01. I posted this one before, but I added a caterpillar to the bottom.  He came off the sticker sheet while the shuttle was in view, so I figured he wanted to be there.
02. MINE!  I actually kind of love this one.  I used pearl white and metallic silver paints, some flowers cut from shelf paper, and a glittery "S" sticker.  I wanted to use a blue "S", but the blue was the wrong shade, so... yay!  Mine. Mine. Mine.  LOL.
03. On this one, I just mixed lavender paint with pearl and white until it was that color and then added a miniature pressed flower and petals from another pressed flower.  
*On two and three, I also added a layer of white napkin before the pearl/ purple paints.  I'm not sure if it really makes a difference, but the napkin was nearby, LOL. ;-)

I sat with some skeins of HDT that I've had for a year or two (or longer?) today and wound them onto cardboard bobbins and bits.  Then, I grabbed a little plastic box (I'm obsessed with the shoe-box sized plastic boxes, LOL), and well... The "To Give" stash currently consists of:
  • Aforementioned HDT.
  • Stickers
  • Tiny Nail Decals
  • Size 70 and/or 80 threads
  • Buttons
  • A few beads (I didn't touch my bead stash yet, but I had a little envelope with a few beads in it on my table). More beads will definitely be added. 
I have another skein or three of HDT to wind so I can add those ... and beads ... and I haven't even opened my findings and metal boxes.  I also need to look at my boxes of cards since someone is definitely getting a pack or some random cards to decorate and/or use.  My li'l stash of tealight candles might get a good look, too.  I think that, of those who have commented, only Ms. Diane decorates shuttles so she might end up with all the stickers if someone doesn't speak up!  LOL.  ;-)  (Not much of a threat as they're pretty kiddo-oriented, but maybe her granddaughter would enjoy them, so you should all think about your beloved kiddos, too... LOL.).  

I'm rambling.  My fingers got excited when I was typing about the "MINE" shuttle and, well, they don't want to slow down.  Sorry.  

Any complaints/ requests/ suggestions as I'm compiling this stash to giveaway?  The more that goes in the box, the more winners we'll have, I think.  At least, that makes sense to me.  :-P  We're at... eleven(?) comments and I don't think it will get higher, so I'm wondering about consolation prizes.  Maybe beads and at least ten yards of thread for everyone?  We'll see... By the way, if you've commented or do comment of the giveaway post three posts down and read all of tonight's (this morning's) babbling, you can feel free to tell me your preferences about the things that I've mentioned.  I don't want anyone feeling disappointed.  I know that feeling.  It's not pleasant. ;-)

Stephanie Grace


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Decorating shuttles is so much fun! I have some hidden away that are mine, all mine! And I feel no guilt! ;-)

Michelle said...

I only have decorated a few shuttles but don't want to get into that. That silver shuttle is enough to get me to change my name to Sarah! It's lovely! HDT- yay~~~~!

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