Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Hobbies? Post 1 of 3.

I've learned something about myself this year: I don't know how to take things slow, LOL.  I just dive in head first and hope the doggy paddle can save my butt from drowning.  Don't believe me?

#1. My mom is a very crafty person and I was raised in a home filled with her various crafts and supplies (hence me dubbing her 'A.C. Mom').  Quilling is something she's done off and on, but I never really tried it.  One call to A.C. Mom and bam! I'm quilling.  Of course, though, I dive right in.  No beginner patterns or children patterns for this chickadee!  No, no, no!  I had to dive right in and try something beyond my inexperienced skill set.  
See that... That is not a circle.  Ugh.  At that point, you'd think I'd go to the basic patterns, but, nope, played around more..
After those three, I got inspired, I guess.  I completely stopped using designs and patterns and just did what I wanted, what the paper told me to, LOL...

Lesson learned from this: Sometimes, I'm much better off if I just go with my instincts instead of trying to follow someone else's design or pattern.  Sometimes. ;-)

I'll be back soon to do the next two posts, I promise (I should be back in an hour, but who knows... LOL). 

Happy crafting and tatting to all! 

Stephanie Grace


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