Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Hobbies Part 3 of 3 & Tatting!

I'll be honest.  I blame Ms. Diane - The Lace-lovin' Librarian for this next venture.  Seeing her go through her gorgeous shuttles and her sharing some 'blinging' tips on her blog (Thank you for pointing that out --how did I never see that link?), made me salivate to the point of envy! :-P  My shuttle collection has reach 5 and they're all so plain!  I've been unable to convince Hubby that I simple must have new, pretty shuttles, so, here's what happened:

Bad picture --Cell phone hates me and, in my excitement, I didn't care that it was too dark for a picture.  :-P

What I used:
Vinyl shelf paper that I picked up Michael's last year for around thirty cents. :-)
A little pearl accent.
Clay roses that I made a while back.
"Triple Thick" brush-on gloss glaze by DecoArt (A.C. Mom couldn't find her Mod Podge and I was too antsy to wait, so I had her send over the tub of this stuff.).  ;-)

The roses were only used because I went into my organizer looking for a flat clay accent.  These screamed at me, though, and were sick of being neglected.

My cell phone didn't hate me as much today while the sun was still up. ;-)   I really thought the roses were going to fly of the first time I tatted with this shuttle, but the pearl got in my way more!  O.o  Go figure.  It's no where near perfect and I'm sure it'll fall apart on me next time I use it, but I'm pretty proud.  :-P  (As an added 'Yay' this project used up things that were sitting in my craft cubby being neglected.). 

A HUGE THANK YOU TO Fox FOR THIS SHUTTLE!!!  Not only did her generosity help me get comfortable with shuttle tatting (I cherish my Clovers!  I thought I'd love bobbin shuttles, but, nope, these are my favorites so far!).  :-D  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Fox!!!! ♥

And, now, some tatting!  LOL.  A friend asked for a dragonfly so a dragonfly she received...
The pattern is one of the amazing Jane's.  I had to take out my needle for this, though, because I just can not seem to manage a split ring on the shuttles --yet!  :-P  

Well, I got a bit hooked (and had more requests, LOL), so...

...And then I got caught up on Ms. Margaret's dream catcher pattern and, well... I think I'm all caught up...

Oops.  That's a lie.
Mr. Tatman's turtle was also completed!  :-D  I made a huge mess of this little guy last time I tried him, but it was smooth sailin' this time!  Isn't he adorable?  I wish I had threads to match my turtle's coloring!!!

Well, that's all for today.  LOL. 

Happy tatting to all!

Stephanie Grace


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think your blinged shuttle is gorgeous! I've never used the product you mentioned, but when I add dimensional pieces to my shuttles, I glop on the Mod Podge around the dimensional piece so that there's lots of glue holding it on. When I'm tatting, I turn my shuttle sideways so that the thread doesn't catch on the protruding piece.

Happy tatting!

God's Kid said...

Wonderful dragonflies!!! And nice turtle too! :)

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