Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clash of Seasons

The beloved, self-proclaimed 'Old Git' (I think OG stands for Outstanding Genius, but whatever...), Jane asked for some sunshine, so I loaded some thread on some shuttles and thought, Yeah, I can do something....

Yes, it looks more like a star than a sun.  If I would have thought about it more, I would varied the chain lengths, maybe made more, etc...  I am, however, thinking this could easily be manipulated in a Christmas star, right?  Do you see it? By the way, be kind: The sun really is just a big star, after all. ;-)

Now, for the clash!  Before Jane's post, I was trying to cool off.  I really hate spring and summer.  They depress me.  So much sun and it's so hot and it makes me feel all dirty.  I mean, really, what's worse than stepping out of a shower and feeling dirty ten seconds later?  Thankfully, my weather forecast is looking good: Air Conditioned for at least the next 90 days!  LOL. ;-)

So, here's what I was doing:
 Thread is LizBeth size 20 in white.  Pattern is Elegant Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman.  I am in love with this pattern!  I went with the suggested thread amount and had a lot left on my shuttles, so there will be math involved when I tackle this one again.  :-)

 This one is tatted with blue perle cotton.  I can't remember who sent me this *blush*  I've had it for a while but never used it because it's so pretty that I didn't want to waste it.  The pattern Ribbon-Floss Snowflake from the aforementioned book.  I enjoyed it, but I pulled an 'oops' and tatted over the tail in the beginning ring so had nothing to knot at the end for security.  This will end up on a card or something... or stiffened, maybe?  Something that will make it secure. :-)

I know that I said I was hoping to announce the giveaway this weekend, but I still haven't sorted all of that out.  I'm thinking I might hold off until the shuttles I ordered come in.  I'm good with decorating them, yet, but I think I'd like to include one or two... maybe?  We'll see. In the meantime, I'll start putting things together.  :-)  

Love and Happy Tatting to all!

Stephanie Grace
P.S.  A HUGE thank you to everyone that has commented/responded lately.  I'm behind with e-mails, but I'll get on that tonight, hopefully! ♥


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love your bit of sunshine, something I would never think of on my own! I have so much thread that I've been saving for something special... so much that it has overtaken my sewing room! Maybe it's not so special any more and I should just start tatting! I think your snowflakes are a great way to cool off in summer heat. Thank goodness for air conditioning and fans!

Michelle said...

veni, vidi, stellam amavi! A 100 years ago when I was in school, we learned that the sun is a star. : )

God's Kid said...

Nice sun! And fabulous snowflakes!! :)

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