Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday's Tatting

So, I've decided not to post any of these to the Motif Challenge until I stiffen something.  I'm determined to actually be able to say that something is fully complete.  :-)  

Anywho, I saw this really pretty edging and thought that it would make a nice choker and/or bracelet.  In my brain, I thought just three repeats might make a nice pendant for a necklace... I was thinking black ribbon for the necklace part...  Well, I'm me and went and messed it up, but the basic idea is there... (The worst part is I couldn't figure out how I messed it up last night; I woke up this morning, looked at it and went, "Duh!  That's what I did!".  I'm thinking of trying it again... I know I don't have enough thread for a full choker, at least I don't think I do, not in 20 anyway, but maybe another three-repeat pendant attempt?  Or do we think that's a bad idea? Hmmm.... 

Here 'tis, done in LizBeth Black and Red Burst, both in size 20, I think.  

Oh!  I still need to respond to comments for yesterday and the day before, I think... It never occurred to me that I should click into my settings and look for e-mail notification options so that I could actually respond to everyone.  Good thinkin'... I'll do that now. LOL. 

-Stephanie Grace


agasunset said...

I like the color, and it would look great if you'd attach this part to a chain of split rings in black, that way you don't have to worry if you have enough thread. Even Just one repeat would look cool as a pendant or an earrings :)
I did make a choker and earrings once using this pattern but in black, it was very dramatic looking.

singtatter said...

Very classic colours! Perhaps tat something else on both sides to complement/lengthen the piece if you really need it longer?

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