Monday, July 5, 2010


After fighting to thread needles and arguing with thread that apparently felt a deep hatred for me, I became determined to get at least the pendant part of this pattern done.  Naturally, I messed up and skipped a ring, but I just kept on going and skipped the same ring on the other side. ;-)  

I did it in purple since I'd failed with LizBeth Red Burst and my "Natural" color.  I figured I was just going to mess up again, so purple was the only choice (I don't mind messing up with purple, but God Forbid I waste an inch of any blue color! LOL.). 

Well, here is the end result.  It's not blocked nor have the strings been cut down yet (I need to look up how to use magic strings... Hmm...).  I'm definitely going to attempt this again with a better color. ;-)

-Stephanie Grace


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