Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stiffy Situation....

So, I really want to finally finish something... By that, I mean actually cut the threads and stiffen it, but I'm afraid.  Is anyone on that has any tips?  I'm going to start with the cross with the pink button, but I'm afraid that I'm going to mess it up.

Okay, I get it:  Tip #1: Don't be afraid to mess it up.

Anyone want to say anything? LOL.  Or, can anyone explain why I'm so afraid to do it?  LOL...  I'm also wondering what to do with these crosses. The one that I made today (not posted yet) is small enough to be a pendant, but the others... I don't know --and I'm afraid to the extra threads because what if they'd be useful for the final outcome?  

Someone, please, help!  *blushes*

Thank you,
Stephanie Grace


Stephanie Grace said...

ALSO, how to store extra Stiffy (Fabric Stiffener) after diluting it?

Thank you!!!

-Stephanie Grace

shannon_in_love said...

you can make cross earrings :)

Suztats said...

Well, we all face that fear factor when we travel new territory. I'm thinking the crosses could be used as bookmarks (add a tail), as an attachment on a card, for in your tatting journal, (OMG I have to get/make one of those!)or on a t-shirt, on a fabric purse, on each corner of a sweater, dress embellishment, for your bible as a page marker, for a large gift tag, for on a fabric hat, or a gift bag, as a Christmas tree decoration.....Sorry I can't help with the stiffener question as I've never used it for my tatting. Let us know how it goes.

Paige Marie said...

I personally have not stiffened anything yet. I do block my pieces and get them quite wet with water, pin them down, and let them air dry. That has seemed to add just enough stiffnesss to my pendants and bookmarks.

I know my mom uses 40% glue 60% water to stiffen here items. I might try that when I'm mass producing snowflakes for christmas trees. But I've heard some stories of one year later pieces being discolored and damaged from stiffening.

Gina said...

Try stiffening a small expendable motif first, let it dry and see how you like it. Make a small 4 ring butterfly and try that first. Make several and experiment with those before you do the cross. You'll feel more confident about the cross if you experiment first.

To store the diluted stiffy - tray a small plastic container or maybe a small glass jar that you've emptied something out of and washed.

Stephanie Grace said...

First off: Thank you ALL!!! I can't even believe people read this! LOL. Thank you!!!

Shannon: They may be a bit too big for that. Then again, I've meet people that probably would hang 3" crosses from their ears. LOL. The smallest one is 2" and I think it'd make a nice pendant. I'm thinking maybe just window clings or rearview mirror decorations for the bigger ones...

SuzTats: When I started tatting them, I wanted them for bookmarks, but, seeing them, I'm worried that the weight of them would cause the marker part to slide out from the book... Thank you for all of the ideas! I'm definitely go to be sitting and playing with puppies for a bit before making any rash decisions. LOL. The beaded one, I think, is definitely too heavy -and thick- for a bookmark, but maybe on a bag.... Oh! What if I sewed bible bags for those that carry their bibles to church? Yes, I know a few people who do that... Might make a nice gift.. Darn... Now I have to go through the "toss" pile of clothing and get my mom's sewing machine --hopefully, I can sew a straight line better than my last attempts! LOL. (I can't even draw a straight line... It's bad. LOL).

Paige Marie: Ya know, I never even thought of wetting them even. I'm telling you, of all the things about tatting that I could find on the internet, blocking and stiffening seem to be left mostly untouched. I had read that someone just pins them to the ironing board and leaves them for a while --and either that someone or someone else ironed them. That's all I really found --Other than Fox from Tat-o-logy (I think) who seems to press them like flower petals in a really heavy book... Thank you for the thought! I'm going to try that as soon as I get off the computer! LOL. Hmm... Does water temp. make a difference?

Gina: I took an empty, cleaned pill bottle and measured it, then marked it for different solution combinations. I then chickened out. Today, I messed up a very simple motif, so I'm thinking I will listen to you today and use the mess-ups for practice --Lord knows I have enough of them lying around this place! LOL. Thank you!!!! I'm also thinking that I'll start with the older crosses, the ones that have even more mistakes. My pretty blue one (wait... DId I even put that on my blog yet? Hmm..) will definitely be last, as will with the one with the beads since I LOVE those beads and really don't want to wreck them or get stiffy on them and have them loose their pearly appearance... :-) THANK YOU!!

agasunset said...

Sometimes I stiffen my pieces, but mostly the dark ones, because I don't now if they will not change color after while. If you dont want them to be too "hard" try to wet them with spray starch and iron over through the cloth. It might be stiff enough for a pendant or bookmark :)

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