Friday, June 11, 2010

Still here. :-)

Sorry for the lack of posts; things got a little crazy here. 

My aunt asked me to finish a latch hook project for her, so two days also went to that --two days which ended with a very angry Stephanie as I realized that there wasn't enough yarn in the stinkin' kit.  Called them up and got the yarn today, so I'll finish the hooking tomorrow and then will come the very fun part --putting this thing together.  It's a bear; not a picture of a bear, but an actual bear.  :-/  How much do you want to bet that I mess up cutting the pieces out or in constructing the thing after all the hours of hooking?  Pray for me!  :-*

As far as tatting is concerned.  Yes, I have been tatting.  :-)  Nothing to show off, but I've been doing it, I swear!  Thanks to a woman incredible generosity, I even got some proper threads to play with!  :-)  Thank you, incredibly generous woman!  ;-)  She also sent me shuttles, so I've been getting frustrated with those.  It seems like I'm doing it right, but I can't move the thread to get more nor can I move the stitches on the string.  I'm pretty sure I'm not getting the "flip" right.  :-(  I was really hoping to learn it quickly since it seems so much better for times when I'm in a car. LOL.  I don't like the idea of playing with a needle in the car... just doesn't seem safe. LOL. 

I sat down with the shuttles, a book of needlecrafts (it has about 5 pages for tatting -shuttle. LOL), the computer, and string and still got frustrated.  Hmm... maybe I'll try it again tonight... Or maybe I'll just grab a needle and tat something. LOL. 

OKay, enough rambling.  Time for me to try and get into my InTatters account which for some reason doesn't want to let me in!  :-(

I shall be back later --hopefully with something to show for my time!

-Stephanie Grace


***Jon**** said...

I can't imagine how that bear is going to look like. So, pleaaaasee, post a picture when it is done.

Happy tatting

BSOTF said...

Helping your aunt is one thing you will be very happy to have done later in life. Learning to shuttle tatt, one can't rush it. But the secret to doing it is just relax & breath. When you are relax you will get it....even the flip & then watch out cause you will be able to tatt in cars with shuttles & at home with needles & shuttles. Don't give up. You will get it! You have to believe in yourself. I believe in you.

shannon_in_love said...

maybe my video would help with the shuttle tatting....

Jane Eborall said...

Keep going with the shuttle. Think of all those beautiful shuttles you can collect and use - so much prettier than a needle. There's a rhythm to shuttle tatting which will come to you in a short while. It's a matter of relaxing the left hand and the thread, pulling the right tight and then gently easing the thread along the core. Honestly - it's easy in the end!!!

Stephanie Grace said...

Jon: If I get this bear together properly, I'll be plastering its picture everywhere! LOL. Whoever came up with the idea that latch hook should somehow become a 3-D project should be smacked! LOL. Especially all in one color... I never thought I'd actually be sick of seeing any shade of blue!

BSOTF, Shannon, and Jane: Thank you all SO MUCH for your encouragement and words o' wisdom! I just wound a shuttle and am going to try this again. I WILL get the hang of this! (Watch: I'll finally get the hang of it and then I'll be completely out of thread. LOL).

Okay, okay, enough typing: Time for tatting! :-)

-Stephanie Grace

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