Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camera Woes

I haven't quite mastered the shuttle yet, but I *have* been tatting.  I tatted a bit of edging found on inTatters?KNOTS --yes, one of the "photo needed" patterns. ;-)

It reminded me of flowers, so I chose white for the rings and green for the chains... Of course, it doesn't look like flowers.  I put it down with the rings on the bottom and laughed... It looks like a string of moths!  Determined not to be discouraged, I decided to try my hand at the same edging, but with, a better visual, I chose what I hope to be better colors.  The rings are now being done in a white-yellow-orange variegated thread and the chains shall be black.  Yes, that's right... It shall be a chain of butterflies!  Well, I hope it will resemble that to someone other than me anyway. LOL.  

I wanted to post pictures of these, as well as something else, but, of course, no such luck.  Apparently, the flash on the borrowed digital camera that I have as well as the one on my cell phone, is too bright for any color to be seen... Not to mention how many pictures end up just being all white.  :-(  I was hoping to take them today while the sun was out, but, of course, 'twas laundry day so I wasn't home and it's been too dark ever since I returned.  Hopefully, I'll get to take them tomorrow.  If not, or if I feel so inclined, perhaps I'll just ask my mom if I can borrow her camera and have Hubby pick it up on his way home... I need stuffing from her to finish the bear anyway.  ;-)

So, it might be late, but anyone want to encourage me and say, "Yes"? LOL.  I've been sitting on the fence about joining the 25 Motif Challenge.  I really want to, but I also have a hard time finding things to tat.  I want smaller things to practice with, but I also want them to be useful --or, at least, something that I like...  While at the parents' house today, I looked at the books I'd handed off to my mom and, well, I didn't see anything I liked in them.  I have a bunch saved on my computer, but a lot I'm just plain not ready for yet and I keep seeing things like that all over.  Add to that that SOOOOO MANY patterns are flowers.  They're all so pretty, but I only have green in the way think thread that I started with and in Perle Cotton (Size 8?) from the aforementioned incredibly generous woman who sent me threads to work with.  

Okay, okay... I'm ending this entry. Enough rambling already! LOL.

-Stephanie Grace


TypsTatting said...

YES!!!!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, it was quite uplifting.

Stephanie Grace said...

:-) Thank you, TypsTatting! As far as my comment on your blog: I'm glad that it made you smile! It really does look like the starfish if you look at it right. LOL.

Jane Eborall said...

Do you have a scanner? They're much better for pieces of tatting than a camera!!!! I only use the camera for large pieces or 3D ones!! Just a thought!!

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