Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twlight HDT = trouble for December 28th...

Since I saw this thread ("Twilight" from, I've been trying to think of a perfect pattern for it... Well, last night I decided that I just *had* to try it with the heart pattern... So, I tried that today.  I was goin' strong, then, BAM! I realize that I added an extra ring.  Of course, I kept going then the thread knotted and I just gave up (the result is on the bottom of the picture below).

But, I didn't want to waste the thread, so I "emptied my needle" with a cute li'l motif that proved, yeah, I like this thread with black.  :-D  I've got a few ideas for the plain-looking motif, but we'll see what happens.  My main focus is finishing something that was meant to be done for Christmas. *blushes*  

Love and hugs,
Stephanie Grace


God's Kid said... least the second motif came out good. I hope it works for whatever your thoughts are for it! :)

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