Thursday, December 30, 2010

A question for lacemakers....

A friend of mine has a beautiful wedding gown from her marriage nearly 49 years ago!  Unfortunately, a mouse got into the storage bag at some point.  Since I know that some of you out there are absolutely lace geniuses, I was wondering if any of you could tell me if there's any chance of repairing it in any way --or if you know where she could turn to have it repaired.

Please, let me know if you can help at all!  THANK YOU!!!  

(If you need any further details, please, just ask and I'll be happy to ask her.  Thank you!!!)

Love, Hugs, and a Million Thanks,
Stephanie Grace


tattrldy said...

Hi, Stephanie,
No, I don't know how to fix it but you, or your friend, might try asking at bridal stores. They usually have someone that makes alterations and such, they might have an idea or point you in the right direction. Okay, dumb question, but have you looked in the phone book for tailors/seamstresses/alterations?

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