Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I did... WHAT?

The plan was to order threads... And, of course, I did!  I ordered hand-dyed from a very lovely woman and I cannot WAIT to tat with it (more on that when I get the thread) and then I ordered a few solids (not enough, in my world) and new needles...  So, yes, happy birthday to me...  But what did I do??  I couldn't resist... I ordered the Rosewood tatting needles from LACIS...  They were so pretty I couldn't help myself!!!  You KNOW what I mean!  :-P  Just hoping my card went through as Better Homes & Gardens didn't want to let me order Ozzy food with it.  :-P to them!  (Needles, threads, and turtle food for my birthday... I'm so special!!! LOL).  Yeah, yeah, it's not until the third, but, Hubby brought home the card from his grandmother --whom I need to call tomorrow and thank profusely!  

Now, if I had just been home to tat all day today, that would have been nice.  Instead, Mommy's "same day" surgery turned into an overnight stay.  Nothing major, she'll be home tomorrow --well, today, at this point, but me taking her meant getting up with Hubby at 6:15ish (and we can see how late I'm usually up) and then TRYING to nap, but had to get her to the hospital for 8, so that didn't happen.  Tried when I got back my parents' house and still no luck... I just can't sleep once I'm awake.  So, I waited around until she called at ten to one in the afternoon to give me the overnight news and update and then I went to the grocery store (I hate shopping) and then the pool store (I felt like an idiot; I haven't paid attention to or taken care of that pool in years!).  I was going to make meatballs and spaghetti for Daddy et al tonight, but Sis took him out for dinner, so I made the meatballs and will give him some to heat up tomorrow --errr... today.  

How and why I'm still awake, I have no clue.  I do know, though, that I need to get off my rear, make Hubby's sandwich for tomorrow and get some shut-eye!  Oh... but I wanted to figure out ordering beads... I guess that shall wait until tomorrow (otherwise Hubby isn't getting his sandwich which will mean him waking me up at that ungodly hour again to make it... Ever sliced a tomato half-asleep?  It's never fun! LOL).  

Well, that's all I have to say for now... and while my corny brain wanted to say "tat's all", that reminds me... I need to rename this blog.  Tomorrow... Err... today is another day, right?  Maybe I'll dream something up.

Oh!  And I didn't take the sewing machine...  grr... Glad I have this blog here to remind me of such things! LOL.  Must get sewing machine....  Or, no, I guess not yet... not until I get the new threads, one of which I'm hoping will match the bandanna coloring so I can do an edging eventually for it...

{i}ENOUGH, Stephanie Grace!  GO TO SLEEP!!!{/i}

Yeah... You're right.  Sweet dreams, all!  :-*

-Stephanie Grace


God's Kid said...

I can totally relate!!!
Hope you got some sleep and that sandwich made.
Enjoy the new threads and needles(when they come in)! :)

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