Tuesday, July 10, 2012

InTatters (Question) & News

I always forget to sign into InTatters and, sometimes, I find myself bored quickly with the website.  Last night and tonight, though, I'm enjoying myself there... and then BAM!  503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.  

Anyone else have this problem?  It's like as soon as I get all nice and comfy there, I get the error. :-(

Now, some giveaway news: Hubby is letting me order some shuttles and I'm pretty happy with how my decorating attempts are going with the cheap-o shuttles, so this will be happening soon. :-)  (Hmm... I guess I just revealed that there will be a shuttle or two in there, huh?).  ;-)  

Stephanie Grace


Michelle said...

I get that too, usually later at night. I wish I felt I had something to contribute there...
Giveaway? Sounds fun!

shannon_in_love said...

well...i usually get that error when there is a very interesting topic... then i usually have to wait till the next morning...i also tried with the decorating...i'm not so good with it. but thats ok.

Bonnie said...

a giveaway, now that's something to look forward too :-)

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