Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remembering to Floss...

No, not that kind of floss!  But, we really should remember to use that kind, too. ;-)

Before I start, did anyone receive the HH Newsletter?  I'm going crazy because I was starting to get Hubby on board with me putting in an order, then I realized it was April so I decided to wait until the 10% coupon shows up.  :-(  I figure it's probably just been delayed, but I always worry about things getting lost in the mail...

A friend saw a simple flower that I tatted and wanted one in different colors.  This is what happened:
Two things about it: 
    1. Those beads are pink and are a good match for the thread.  The became pearly and white when added to the black... >.<
    2. This is the first time I shuttle tatted this flower and it looks... anemic to me.  Might this be a pattern that I should only use with the needle?

A few days ago (okay, maybe a week or two), I decided to go through the box o' fun that I inherited from my late aunt.  My thought was if I'm not going to start using stuff that I have, then I should get rid of it.  I liked the former answer a lot better...

I've been admiring Suz's amazing talent for a long time.  I've drooled over her embroidery stitches and been terrified of to even think of trying it.  I mean, I can't even draw a straight line!

Well, a pair of once-favored pants were grabbed from the to-go bag and...
I can stitch a square better than I can draw one!  LOL!  This has been added to as I've tried out other stitches, but, see!  Proof that sometime ya just gotta try something new.  (No, there was no pattern, nothing in my head, etc... I just had it.  By the time I got to the line between the triangles, I had decided that I saw a wolf so I didn't make it straight. LOL).

Of course, while I had the floss at, I couldn't stop there!
The left is an 'S' for which the pattern can be found on this blog. (Note: it's not in that post; I bookmarked the wrong post and I'm too lazy to search... Such pretty alphabets there, though!  Definitely worth a gander if you cross-stitch or embroider --the ones with an asterisks would be for embroidery, i believe.).  
The thing on the right is "Sailor Jupiter" from the anime Sailor Moon the pattern for which is at this blog post. I have a friend that loves anime and the Japanese culture and her birthday is coming up, so I tried out the pattern.  I wasn't too thrilled, so I grabbed my graph paper and sketched something of my own:
I like it better in some ways (I didn't have the eyes outlined in my sketch, so I didn't do the second.  It was just to see how it would come out, so I didn't worry about perfection.).  However, I learned that I cannot sketch hands, even on graph paper.  So, first pattern with just backstitch border instead of the thick black is what I think I'll be using for the gift.  :-)

Finally, this is what became of the "S":
I sewed it to some fabric from the aforementioned pants.  Not sure what it is (I'm calling it an ornament), but I think I might toy around with this somewhat.  I want to make another with a tatted edge --of course, the floss I used here is right in the middle of LizBeth Gold and LizBeth Golden Yellow Med. so I don't have a perfect match unless I use the floss and that scares me!  Maybe I'll make the next one a little bigger and than I can call it a shuttle holder! ;-)

Wow!  This is a long post!  Sorry 'bout that.  P.S.  I've surpassed 100 posts.  I think there's a giveaway on the horizon...

Happy tatting to all!

Stephanie Grace 


tattrldy said...

On your little tatted motif, maybe change up the count just a little - add a couple of stitches to the chain or do one less in the ring. Simple little motifs like this help empty shuttles and make nice additions to cards.
Great job on the embroidery and cross stitch. I like your Sailor Jupiter better, too:)

God's Kid said...

Your tatted flower looks in good shape! Maybe a different color would make it shine! :)

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